P2P Crypto Exchange Script - To build your bitcoin exchange platform

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11 January 2023

P2P Crypto Exchange Script - To build your bitcoin exchange platform

P2P crypto exchange is favored by crypto traders globally. Day-to-day p2p crypto exchange users and traders are escalating. To trade cryptocurrency securely, many crypto traders are showing interest in creating a p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform with a strong escrow system. Using a pre-build p2p crypto exchange script, you can create your own p2p crypto trading platform.


If you are a cryptoprenuer, who is interested to develop your own p2p crypto exchange platform, here is the guide to know everything about p2p crypto exchange script .


What is a p2p crypto exchange script?


P2P crypto exchange script is a ready-to-launch exchange script where you can create your own trading platform within days. It comes in both Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized(DEX) platforms and has features similar to p2p crypto exchange. In peer-to-peer, trading is done between buyers and sellers without any intermediate, so they are preferred by many crypto traders. And with an escrow system, you can create an even more secure p2p exchange platform.



Features of p2p crypto exchange script


KYC/AML Verification

BY confirming the identity of the users, fraudulent activities like money laundering can be controlled and cleared.


Escrow System

To trade securely, escrow serves as an additional layer of security to exchange cryptos without any fear.


Dispute management system

If any dispute arises between buyers and sellers during transactions, the dispute management system is responsible for solving the problems.


Two-step Authentication

To provide extended security for users two-step authentication is used, and an OTP is needed to log in with a password and username.


Multi-language support

This feature is for users to communicate in their preferred language and lets users all over the world towards the p2p crypto exchange.


Preferred trading

This helps the sellers to choose buyers according to their preferences and vice-versa.



Multi-currency support

This feature can be used to trade multiple cryptocurrencies of their choice by users.


Benefits of p2p crypto exchange script



  • High ROI

  • Low trading fees

  • Liquidity Pool

  • Integrated Digital Wallet

  • Robust trading engine

  • Rapid transactions

  • Ingenious Blockchain Solution


P2P Crypto Exchange, working process


  1.     User Registration

  2.     Identity verification with KYC

  3.     Wallet creation

  4.     Buy/sell order placement

  5.     Order matching process between buyer/seller

  6.     Traders negotiating through encrypted chat

  7.     If desired, a deal can be sealed

  8.     The smart contract that holds the seller's cryptocurrency

  9.     The buyer starts the payment process

  10.     The seller verifies the payment receipt

  11.     Escrow releases the asset

  12.     The buyer receives the cryptocurrency in the wallet.


Things to know before starting a p2p crypto exchange


Fiat money transactions take more time, but cryptocurrency transactions only take up to 5 or 10 minutes. But in the case of international transactions, it takes days to complete the entire process. That's why p2p crypto exchange is used to enhance the speed of crypto trading.

P2P crypto exchange is different in a way by eliminating the third-party during the transaction. Here the users are matched after the transaction order instead of matching users with the order book.



Why Sellbitbuy for your p2p crypto exchange platform?


Developing your own p2p crypto exchange platform is easy, but it's hard to choose the right company for it. There are many cryptocurrency exchange development companies out there, but Sellbitbuy is the right choice. Our p2p crypto exchange script developers create a crypto platform with customization options that users can alter according to their business needs.

The reason to choose Sellbitbuy to develop your p2p crypto trading platform is as we provide extra advantages in our p2p crypto exchange platform.


  •     Global transactions

  •     Tokenization

  •     Smart contract

  •     Liquidity

  •     Social E-Commerce.


You can have an instant free demo of the p2p crypto exchange script here. So share your ideas and make use of our team and start your own p2p crypto trading business.


Reach us :

Telegram - https://t.me/sellbitbuy

WhatsApp - https://web.whatsapp.com/send?phone=918015204845

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