Personal Loan Calculator | Here's a simple tool to help you plan your loan repayment

Personal Loan Calculator | Here's a simple tool to help you plan your loan repayment
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13 April 2023

How can a personal loan calculator help you?

The following are some reasons to use's personal loan calculator.

  • This will give you a holistic idea of your overall loan costs, and you can choose your loan product based on that. Input a fixed loan amount and tenure, and vary the interest rate and processing fee according to the bank's rates
  • A calculator makes it easy to calculate EMI in less than a minute while being highly accurate
  • Consider varying loan tenures and compare their EMIs to determine which is most appropriate for your financial situation. You can choose a shorter loan tenure if you are willing to pay higher EMIs and wish to close your loan early. Otherwise, you can choose a longer term
  • With's loan calculator, you will also be able to view your repayment schedule, which will help you estimate the cost of interest you would have to pay and how much principal you would have to pay
  • A calculator can also help you calculate the processing fee (usually deducted from the sanctioned amount) so that you know what your repayment schedule will be.

How do personal loans get approved?

Although your credit score may have yet to be well known, it plays an important role in determining whether you are approved for a loan or credit card. It will help if you stay aware of your credit score when applying for a loan or credit card. Applying for a personal loan may be a good idea; one of the three main credit rating bureaus can provide you with a copy of your credit report. Obtaining personal loans before applying, you should have a credit score of at least 750. As the lenders obtain the credit score independently, it may not appear in's personal loan calculator, but it is a very important criterion for them.

The loan approval process also considers your employment status. Because personal loan customers do not provide collateral, lenders must ensure you can make regular repayments with a steady monthly income during the loan period. Because of this, they pay particular attention to your employment stability and will check the length of time you have worked at the same company or job. Those who frequently change jobs may not be approved for a personal loan since this indicates that they will only be able to make regular payments or will have. Throughout the loan, the salary will remain stable and predictable. A personal loan should be applied for before, and it is best to have been with the same company or job for at least a year.

In addition, your annual income is an important factor to consider. Since no collateral is required, the banks want to ensure you can make payments on time (based on your salary and other sources). Based on the loan amount you are applying for, you will be The likelihood of getting a personal loan increase if you have a higher income. You can find out what kind of loan you may qualify for using's personal loan calculator. Also important is your past EMI payment record. Lenders will examine your credit report to determine if you have consistently demonstrated financial discipline and timely payment of your EMIs. You will be considered more favourably for a loan if you have paid your debts on time and have fulfilled your obligations.

Personal loans: Advantages and Disadvantages?

Personal loans offer the following advantages:

  • Due to their lack of documentation, they are relatively quick (in comparison to a mortgage or auto loan)
  • You can use the funds however you like
  • No collateral is required

The disadvantages are:

  • Compared to other loans, personal loans have a high-interest rate. Because lenders do not hold any security, they charge high-interest rates to cover their risk. You can repay a lot if you pay high interest on personal loans.
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