Poker Variations: Types of Poker Games

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13 April 2023

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant. It is what many punters think of any time they hear the word "poker". However, it is not the only poker variant available on poker sites on the internet. The possibility of playing poker in different ways makes the game fascinating for many people. This guide will introduce some of the most popular poker variants. So, keep on reading!

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em is very simple to understand and is widely used in many high-profile poker tournaments. The betting rounds or streets in Texas Hold'em include the preflop, flop, turn, and river. The game is aimed at forming the best 5-card hand from seven cards (two hole cards and five community cards)

Two hole cards are dealt face-up during the pre-flop. After this, the first three community cards are dealt face-up during the flop. Then, the turn involves dealing the fourth community card. The final betting round, the river, involves dealing the fifth and final community card face-up.

Once the final betting round has been concluded, the remaining players at the poker table must reveal their cards. The player with the highest 5-card hand will become the winner of the hand. Once a player does not fold, they do not have to reveal their cards.


Omaha is another poker variant that makes use of community cards. Many people also refer to it as Omaha Hold'em and it follows similar gameplay as Texas Hold'em. However, the main distinction between both is that in Omaha, four hole cards are dealt rather than two.

Then, three community cards are also dealt during the betting rounds. You are only allowed to make use of two of the four hole cards to form your best possible 5-card poker hand. The hands you play may change during the flop, turn, and river. This can affect your strategy. Good starting cards in Texas Hold'em may not be as good in the Omaha variant.

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Seven-Card Stud

Seven-card stud was once the most popular poker variant in the world. However, it has since been replaced by more fast-paced games like Texas Hold'em. As the name implies, the game starts with seven cards. This implies that only eight players can play at a time since a standard 52-card cannot accommodate more players.

The game starts with an ante bet, which can be about 10% to 25% of their first betting limit. After this, the dealer must start by giving the players one card face-up and two cards face-down. 

The first betting round begins with the bring-in bet. Each player will get a chance to either bet or fold to continue the hand. After this, the dealer will deal another card face-up to all the players. The player with the best hand showing will start the bet for every round.

This implies that the first player to bet will change for every round of betting. This pattern remains the same for the fifth and sixth cards that are dealt. Then, the final seventh card is dealt face-down. The players will have four cards face-up and three cards face-down. No community cards are used unless the deck runs out of cards.

Five-Card Draw

Five-card draw poker variant is common in online and home games. The rules are quite straightforward and is a good game for first-time players. To ensure that each player has a card to draw, the game must be limited to six players.

You will find certain five-card draw games that demand players to pay an ante before the game can start. In other variations, small blind and big blind structures are used. Once the antes and blinds have been posted, five cards will be dealt to the players. Then, players will complete the first betting rounds.

Before the next round of betting, players can swap some of their cards for new ones. It is also possible to trade or keep your preferred number of cards, up to five. Once the players have had a chance to draw, the final betting round can begin. The player with the best 5-card hand is the winner.


This game involves players placing an ante. Then, they bet two cards face-down and one card face-up. Then, the betting rounds follow the same pattern as seven-card studs. Razz is a low-ball game and this implies that players with the lowest hand emerge as the winner.

As a result, the player with the highest card will play the bring-in bet. In Razz, a king of spades is the highest possible card. Flushes and straights are not relevant in lowball poker games like Razz. If two players have similar highest low cards, then the card next in descending order wins.


Poker is very interesting, thanks to the availability of numerous poker variants. You will find most of these games on online poker sites. Understanding how these variants work is important to enjoy great winning chances.

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