Pool Benefits

Pool Benefits
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29 September 2022

Pool Benefits
Think swimming is too boring? Going to the pool is more than just being able to swim from one side to the other. Many pools offer various programs that will help you lose weight, strengthen muscles and gain a beautiful figure.

When considering which is better - a hall or a pool, it is necessary to take into account the following advantages of the latter:

The ability to quickly lose weight. It is enough to practice for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week in order to feel the effect in a fairly short time;
Getting a good figure. During swimming, the legs and arms are strengthened, and the load on the muscles of the chest and abs is provided;
Positive emotions. Swimming in the pool contributes to a surge of vivacity, optimism, and good mood;
Training of the cardiovascular system, as well as the lungs with a lifeguard course.

Pool Benefits
Advantages of the gym
Despite the many positive qualities of swimming, the answer to the question of which is better - a pool or a gym, is by no means unambiguous. Going to the gym also has many advantages:

The acceleration of metabolism that occurs during intense training;
The possibility of training with a personal instructor (LINK), who will help you create the optimal training program to achieve the desired effect;
Improving the tone of the body, strengthening immunity;
Stress resistance, better sleep;
The ability, with sufficient determination, to acquire almost any figure;
Variety of activities. The ability to use a large number of simulators may seem to someone a more attractive alternative to swimming in the pool with little or no equipment.
The undoubted advantage of the gym is the ability to follow an individual training program. In the gym under the guidance of an experienced trainer, you can achieve exactly the effect that you need: for someone, it's a slender figure, for someone its impressive biceps.

Compromise is the basis of success!
When asked whether to choose a pool or a gym for weight loss, it is not necessary to answer unambiguously. There is a compromise solution: the alternation of different types of activities. According to experts, combining exercise in the gym with regular swimming will help not only get the desired slim figure but also improve the health and condition of the skin. 

A visit to the pool after an effective workout at Fox Club will help you:

relax and relieve tension in the muscles;
speed up the withdrawal of metabolic products;
ensure a quick recovery.
A balanced program of sports activities will bring you not only benefits but also pleasure!


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