Preventative Maintenance for Women's Western Work Boots

Preventative Maintenance for Women's Western Work Boots

Women's Western work boots offer superior protection to the feet compared to other types of footwear. They absorb shock, especially at the heel, which protects the foot and lower extremities and reduces wear and strain on the body as a whole.

Whether working in the barn or riding in the saddle, you need boots made specifically for your needs.

Taking care of your cowboy boots is really easy and crucial if you want them to last as long as possible. Without adequate maintenance, even quality footwear can become degraded over time.

When you clean and condition your Women's Western Work Boots regularly, you can keep dirt and dust from wearing down the tiny fibers that give the boots their strength and durability. Here are some general maintenance tips to consider if you want to keep your boots in top shape:

Cleaning Your Leather Boots
To remove any dust that may have settled on the exterior of your work boots, wipe the whole boot down with a soft cotton towel.


For stubborn stains, you can use a damp sponge dipped in saddle soap or other leather shoe cleaning formulas. It is crucial to get rid of the surface grime first then work on any stains.

Make Sure Your Boots Are Waterproof
Try to track out a spray made specifically for leather that contains Polymer (silicone). The boots should be sprayed at a distance of around a foot. In the next 30 minutes, that coat should be dry. In order to further strengthen the coating, apply a second layer and wait 30 minutes for it to cure.

As soon as they're dry, you may put them to use. If you live in a wet or humid climate, you should reapply the waterproofing spray every three months. A lesser frequency of reapplication is required in dry regions.

Conditioning Your Western Work Boots
Cowboy boots should be cleaned before conditioning to prevent further encrustation of dirt or debris. After cleaning the boots, make certain to condition them with a high-quality leather condition. Jackson's Western Store recommends Bick 4.

Perfecting the Shine on the Boots
Cowboy boots with a sheen seldom require polishing. But If you want a mirror-like sheen, apply two layers and rub them in. When applying multiple coats, buff the boots in between.

Maintain Good Practice
Do not dry damp boots near a heat source. Allow boots to dry naturally by stuffing them with newspapers. If your boots get wet, you should never put them back on until they have dried completely.

Proper storage is a vital element of maintaining the life of a pair of western work boots. It's best to store your work boots inside, away from dampness and in an upright posture, while they're not being worn on the job.

A boot tree will help maintain the boot's shaft vertical and the toes from turning in. In addition to keeping your boots dry and smelling fresh after a long day on your feet, a boot tree made of cedar can help evaporate the moisture that builds up within them on hot, steamy days.

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