Right Angled Triangle Calculator: Steps, Calculation and determining equal sides

Right Angled Triangle Calculator: Steps, Calculation and determining equal sides
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How does a Right Angled Triangle Calculator Calculate?

A triangle has three points that are not linear. They are three corners of a triangle. A line, the Side of the Triangle, connects every point. A right-angle triangle differs as it has an angle that measures 90°.

The two sides of the right-angle Triangle are equal. The Hypotenuse is the largest Side of the Triangle, opposite to the 90° angle of that Triangle.

The example of calculating the Right Angle Triangle with the two given catheti. These two given values and the properties of right angled Triangle are as follows.

If the cathetus a=4 and b=5.

While the angle y=90° 

So the value of side c, the perimeter, and area,α and β angles and heights is determined.

AllCalculator.net’s Right Angle Triangle Calculator  Calculates by using various formulas.

For the area of a Right Angled Triangle=A=1/2×a×b = 10in^2

The Pythagorean Theorem 

a^2 +b^2+c^2 

It can be converted as 



Perimeter of Triangle 



Why are the steps a Right Angled Triangle used?

  Right Angled Triangle uses the following steps to find height, base, Hypotenuse values, and angles.

  • In the Calculator, input the values of Hypotenuse, Side, and height.
  • Click on Calculate to check if it's a right-angled Triangle.
  • Reset the calculate and reenter the other values.

It has three sides: Hypotenuse, height, and two sides. The height and base of the Triangle form the Hypotenuse, which is opposite to 90°.

 The Calculator uses the Formula.


One example 

Three aides have 13 units, 12 and 5 units on the Triangle. Using the Pythagorean theorem 





Are all sides of a right-angled Triangle equal?

All the sides of a right-angled Triangle are not equal. One Side of the right-angle Triangle is Hypotenuse. It is the 2× Side of the Triangle.

One angle measures 90°. The other two sides of the right angle triangle can be equal in length but not the Hypotenuse. It ultimately means the other angles are either 45° or 30°60°.

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