Right questions to ask your e-book formatting service provider

Right questions to ask your e-book formatting service provider
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E-book conversion services have now become a common thing for most publishers as well as for authors, and more and more people are moving towards e-book formatting services. But when you begin to look out for some of the converts books to digital services, it is important to rush out for the right ones in the business, and that too at a cost that is acceptable by the authors as well as for the publishers.

But as soon as you begin to notice that there are an endless number of service providers who are willing to contribute towards your e-book formatting services. To hunt down the best ones in the business, you need to ask them the right questions. Only then would you be able to make the right choice for e-book formatting services?

Here is a short list of questions that we have compiled to ensure that nobody is left unguided when they are making a choice for publishing services.

The terms and conditions of the contract:

Before you look forward to beginning the task of hiring the e-book formatting service providers, one of the very first things that you want to ask about is the terms and conditions of the contract.

The professionals for e-book formatting services put in so much effort and hard work in creating the format, layout, and design of your book, and they don't want to waste all the effort if the client doesn't accept the e-book that they have worked for.

Therefore, you need to look out for terms and conditions that allow them to have complete security for the work that they decide to perform for you.

The market for e-book design and formatting services is quite fragile, and therefore, you need to step up your game and decide all the terms and conditions of the contract in writing. On the safer side, both parties like to keep open contractions for a year or two.

Thus, when you are hiring services for e-book formatting, make sure that you pay attention to the details of the contract.

The price control:

When it comes to hiring any services for your e-book plan, one of the very first things that both parties are concerned about is the control over pricing. In most cases, the author or the publishers have the right to control the pricing of their e-books. On the other hand, there are some across the market that ask you to keep the pricing of the e-books under the standards of different e-book platforms.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you decide about the pricing of the e-book formatting and publishing services ahead to avoid any confusion and misconduct on the part of the third party, as well as maintain the standards of the platforms that have certain criteria of price for e-books.

Are there any upfront charges?

While there are many formatting and convert-to-digital services in the market that offer you complete conversion services for free, which means that they won't be charging you any fees upfront, when you sell the books, they will take their charges in terms of percentage. That ranks usually between 60 to 70% of the charges for e-book services.

If the formatting service providers are asking for any sort of upfront cost, then you should discuss each and every aspect of the cost in detail to avoid any conflict later on.

Timeline for completion of the project:

Among many other details that you might want to gather about these e-book formatting services, one of the most important among them all is to ensure that you have discussed the timeline or a tentative time for the completion of the project.

If the service providers are not giving you a timeline, then you should set your own deadlines to ensure that you know when to expect the project to be completed.

Moreover, about the details of the book layout, deadlines, and designs, if you have any specific suggestions, then you should be communicative about the ideas to help the service providers with the details.

The formatting structure of the files:

As an author of the book, there are endless details that you might want to pay attention to, and one among them is the formatting structure for the book. Be specific about what you are looking for. If you have to submit the files using a specific formatting structure, you need to guide the service providers. This allows you to avoid any delays in the submission, and the project will be completed within the given deadline only.

To conclude, when you are looking to hire the e-book formatting services you should form a checklist of question to ensure that you get the best in the business.

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