Key Questions You Should Ask Your Moving And Hauling Services Provider

Key Questions You Should Ask Your Moving And Hauling Services Provider
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Moving is fun for most people. We often move from good to better situations, and as such, it can be exciting. The sadness and nostalgia of leaving behind a beloved place aside, there isn’t much else that can beat this excitement. At the same time, moving is not without its stress. Most people think that hiring a Moving and Hauling Services provider is the end of it. That is only as true as your mover is good and trustworthy.

You can always look for and find a company that provides exemplary Moving Hauling Services. But how do you find a good team? Well, there are a few key questions you can ask them to guarantee that you are making the best possible decision for yourself. So let’s get right to it.

Are They a Brokerage?

Many people prefer to work with Moving Hauling Services, which are brokerages. This is because you get to choose the lowest bidder, which means a cheaper moving cost. This is pretty much the only benefit. The rest are all downsides!

Working through a brokerage means you will barely have any direct contact with the team or company helping you move. This means less accountability. Moreover, with a ton of bureaucracy involved, solving or resolving any queries or issues is next to impossible. To add to this, their services may be greatly limited. They may not help you with packing and unpacking or anything else that other moving companies can help you with. For instance, they may also not help add safety paddings to your moving furniture.

So consult the movers and learn how they work and their business type. It is best if they work with you directly rather than through other parties.

What Moving and Hauling Services Can they Provide

When moving to a different home in the same city, different city, across states, or even countries, most people pack up to 90% of their belongings themselves. The rest are usually carried in boxes and other ways. This is because nobody moves so often and thus doesn’t know how to plan and pack for moving. As a result, many folks today prefer to hire Moving Hauling Services to help with the moving.

Whether you plan to pack everything yourself or want the movers to do it for you is another issue altogether. You should still find out the extent of their services.


Some companies offer only transportation. This means they’ll transport your goods but not help in any other way. You will have to load the materials into the truck and unload them when they arrive at the destination.


Many moving companies offer to pack, organise, and unpack as well. They make sure to wrap every item according to its safety requirements. For example, bubble wrapping the glassware. They will also sort and arrange the items accordingly in the cartons to make it easy to unload and unwrap.

Speciali Crates and Packing

Special packaging for television sets, gadgets, and other delicate goods is needed. While most people are unaware of this, such items are specially packed in wooden crates, or other packaging methods are used to ensure they can be transported safely.


A good moving company should help you with your furniture. They should help you disassemble and pad the furniture parts safely. Their staff should also help assemble and assemble the furniture in your new home.

Storage Facilities

Do check if they offer storage facilities. This can be useful when moving to a new state or country. You may not want to handle all your belongings at once. Or you may want to live in the new location for a while to decide whether you need these things.

Having them in storage can be useful as you can get them when you need them or when you’re ready to sell or give them away.

Vehicle and Piano Transportation

Vehicle and piano, unfortunately… or rather fortunately, cannot be disassembled for transport. Pianos also require special preparations throughout, as they can simultaneously be quite heavy and delicate. Moreover, they can endure someone easily if it were to fall.

Estimates That are Binding

Many companies provide non-contractual and non-binding estimates. They then increase the price once they’re halfway through the job, so they cannot say no. They can raise the price as much as they want as they’re already halfway through, and you will have no legal recourse. A binding estimate will be signed by both parties, and neither can back off or change the terms at any point except through mutual consent.

Be sure to have a legally binding estimate from your Moving Hauling Services company.

Hidden Fees & Other Charges

While this is not common with more Moving And Hauling Services companies, it has become more common recently. They may ask for additional fees in the name of manpower, transportation, fuel, and packing costs, among other things. So ensure they’re upfront about these fees before you hire them. You should also guarantee that they are not charging you for services that other companies provide for free or as part of the job.

How Will They Charge You?

The basis on which they will charge you is highly important. Logistics companies mostly charge based on the weight of the cargo. But this does not apply for removals as typical household materials don’t amount to much weight. Rather they will charge you for the number of vehicles used and the shipping distance.

Plus, you can expect to be charged further if they have to pay any legal fees for any reason. This can also change according to the time of the year. When it is peak time, you may be charged more for their service.


Moving is always difficult; make it easy on yourself and hire movers to help you with the task. Make sure they provide as many services as packing, loading, and unpacking as possible to make your move easier.

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