Role of Gi in Playing Brazilian Jiujitsu GI

Role of Gi in Playing Brazilian Jiujitsu GI
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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is all about making you strong mentally and physically. It is a martial art that stands out for its focus on grappling, choking, and holding techniques. The game encourages small or weaker people to play successfully against a strong contender. It offers a safe environment for people to learn how to face challenges in life and respond to them. Whether you want to lose weight, control your blood pressure, or decide to become a coach or fight professionally, BJJ has it all in one.


Feeling safe makes you enjoyable and perform better in the field. The iconic garment that wears when playing the sport is known as GI. While playing BJJ, the uniform works as a weapon against competitors. Earlier, it was similar to a traditional judo uniform that is tailored with thick and heavy cotton fabric. With the gaining popularity of the sport globally, the practitioner’s experiment with different fabrics and designs to play comfortably. 


BJJ GI is a three-piece that comes with a jacket, top, and pants. The belt is an essential component of the art that signifies the rank and symbolizes the journey from white to black belt. With the advancement in skill and knowledge, the player can earn different color belts. Gis comes in various weaves. It includes single, double, and gold weaves that offer a unique balance of weight, compatibility, durability, and comfort. Different weave makes it easy to wear as per weather conditions. 


We at Hooks Jiujitsu buy GIs and other sports apparel in wide varieties. We constructed all Brazilian Jiujitsu GI with breathable fabric that increases durability without compromising the material. Our GIs won’t shrink and are wear and tear-resistant. We use 60% cotton and 40 % polyester. The collar is reinforced with foam to resist grips. We tailored GI with an EVA collar, one-piece construction, and triple-reinforced stitching across all the stress points. Our Gi adheres to IBBJF instruction that ensures you play in all national matches.


Not only GIs, but our store is well equipped with a diverse range of sports apparel including rash guards, shorts, jackets, hoodies, and other accessories. We have a wide range of sizes that suit men, women, and kids of all age groups. Our sizes go with everyone having tall, short, or with longer limbs. Visit us and check out the size chart before placing your order.

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