Schedule, reserve, book! Expand your horizon of possibilities with Zoom Visual’s Booking System.

Schedule, reserve, book! Expand your horizon of possibilities with Zoom Visual’s Booking System.
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29 September 2023

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Are you tired of human errors when it comes to booking systems? Some things like double-booking or overbooking are definitely avoidable. Or is your current booking system not able to cater to the growth of the organisation? A crucial trait in any system is its scalability. Amid aiming for growth, one must also prepare for the fruits. Zoom Visual specialises in Digital Workspace Systems Platform that includes Booking Systems and Wayfinder System. The essence of both systems lies in its aim of increasing efficiency and productivity. Here at Zoom Visual, we create solutions hinged on our client’s background and operational requirements. As such, you can be sure that every possible situation is well planned for.

On the topic of Digital Workspace Systems in Singapore, the two main systems Zoom Visual offers are Room Booking Systems and the Wayfinder System. In the years of development, there have been an increasing trend of large organisations acquiring buildings of their own. Besides property developers that owning malls, there are also corporate buildings. As such, the Wayfinder System in Singapore has seen a sizeable demand in every industry. As for Booking Systems, Zoom Visual carries both resource and room booking system. Leaning more to Room Booking System, we specialise in Meeting Room Booking System. In an organisation, the task of booking meeting room is often assigned to an administrative staff or secretary. With a Meeting Room Booking System in place, this task can be alleviated, and the respective employees can be assigned to more important tasks.

Without a doubt, the main point of a booking system is for its advance booking benefit. With an Advance Booking System, the concept of ‘first come, first serve’ is enforced. Let’s dive into the Booking System Features.

The basic feature of a booking system is that it is online and can be done anywhere. As such, our booking system can be done through an application or through the web. Adding on, the booking system features a user-friendly interface that is customised according to behaviour research. Our Meeting Room Booking System is compatible with major calendar apps such as Google Calendar and Outlook. With this feature, employees can be alerted through a central channel. Additionally, the calendar also aids in avoiding the double-booking issue. Another sought after Booking System Feature is the in-app analytics. This analytic function allows the management to make improvements and aid in future planning. The future planning aspect adds on the scalability factor.

A good Booking System is also one with a user management function. This is particularly sought after in large organisations where there is a longer chain of hierarchy. Our Digital Workspace Systems Platform mainly provides three roles in user management. First, we have the administrator that has master control over the bookings and have the authority to change and remove reserved booking slots. Next, we have the supervisor role that has the power to view their respective subordinates booking. At the bottom of the chain, we have the user which is empowered to reserve and book their own booking slot.

With over 15 years of expertise in the advertising and Infocomm Technology industry, Zoom Visual is one of the Digital Workspace Systems Singapore suppliers, aside from Digital Workspace Systems, Zoom Visual also specialises in providing a wide range of Infocomm Technology products such as Room Booking Systems, Hot Desk Booking Systems, Meeting Booth Systems, Meeting Pod Systems, Wayfinder Systems and Pathfinder Systems. Our team at Zoom Visual is one of the few experienced office workspace solution provider in Singapore, we provide not only efficient solution but also a personalised service geared towards the success of your business.

We welcome you to either contact us from our number below or even set an appointment to view the Digital Workspace Systems personally at our headquarters. 

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