SEO requirements for a website in 2023 for successful promotion

SEO requirements for a website in 2023 for successful promotion
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Search engine algorithms are constantly improving and requirements are increasing. If 8 years ago it was enough to place small, memorized keywords on the website pages and buy links on exchanges in bulk to get to the top, now you need to carefully analyze the situation, choose the best solutions, and follow the latest updates. What should you pay attention to first: studying the new SEO requirements for pagination and re-linking or focusing on content?


SEO trends 2023: what you need to implement now

In general, the principles of ranking have not changed, but new formats, requirements, and opportunities have emerged. At the moment, it is recommended to order seo from a qualified agency.

  • Core Web Vitals are Google's website loading speed metrics that will be used to rank pages. To avoid being in the red zone, you should already optimize: 1) the loading time of the largest element; The layout of the site should be tailored to the screen so that the user does not have to turn the page left and right to view the full information.
  • Google E-A-T. The abbreviation stands for expertise-authority-trustworthiness. Your content should meet these three criteria. When publishing materials, be sure to conduct fact-checking, refer to primary sources, make sure that the author of the articles is knowledgeable about the topic and is an expert himself.
  • Google Passage Ranking. Thanks to this innovation, information can be displayed to web users even from a longread excerpt. For example, if the passage contains more correct information that meets the user's query, Google will show it instead of the topical article. To adapt the resource to the parameter, pay attention to content optimization, take into account SEO requirements for layout: divide the text into semantic blocks, use the correct headings, subheadings h2, h3.
  • Rich Snippets. Optimizing pages for Google answers can be your growth area in 2022. To do this, we repeat, work on and structure your content, put definitions in a separate block, give subheadings to bulleted lists and tables.
  • Turbo pages from Yandex. The search engine is trying to promote its own technologies, so it says that such lightweight versions of web pages are loaded many times faster than the originals. You can connect them through Yandex.Webmaster, and the menu includes options for online stores and content sites.

What trends are still relevant in 2022?

All the trendy seo requirements for a website in 2022 become the norm in 2023. If you haven't implemented the innovations in time, there is a chance to jump into the last car and do it right now.

  • Mobile version. According to Google employee John Mueller, in 2022, the search engine completely switched to mobile-first indexing. If a resource is not adapted for smartphones, it will simply not be displayed in the search results. When designing a mobile website, keep in mind that the smartphone screen is smaller, so it is important to leave only the most necessary things so that the user can easily find the information they need and quickly navigate the pages of the web resource.
  • Voice requests. In 2022, more than half of Internet searches were voice queries, so this search method will not disappear in the coming year. When implementing it on your website, keep in mind that voice search keys usually include long-tail questions.
  • UX optimization. Search engines are increasingly focused on user comfort, so the importance of usability is growing. Design development is no longer just about working with the visual part: when thinking over the appearance of the site, take into account all the nuances of human interaction with a web resource, pay attention to the speed of page loading.
  • Local SEO. Although people have become more likely to buy online, the number of local searches has increased significantly over the past year. Consumers have reduced the number of shopping trips, so it has become extremely important for them to know whether the product is available in a particular store. To do this, directly register your company on Google Maps, Yandex.Directory. Don't limit yourself to sparse descriptions - the more information you have, the better.

To summarize: to make a website interesting for search engines, it is important to rely on behavioral factors, pay attention to linking, usability, content, and technical aspects.

SEO anti-trends in 2023: what should you give up?

Unfortunately, the days of "magic pills" are over. Despite the fact that many projects that grew up on quick fixes are still afloat, the old ways will no longer work in today's realities. SEO promotion has long gone beyond on-page optimization, and today it is a complex, ongoing work. So, the old ways are no longer relevant in 2023:

  1. Simple mass actions and template approaches. You will have to create your own unique strategy for each individual project.
  2. Focus on several keys. The search engines rank pages by hundreds of queries, so you need to dive deep into the topic and use LSI phrases.
  3. Writing useless texts. Search engines are becoming smarter, so meaningless content for content will drag the site to the bottom.
  4. Cheating on behavioral factors. It works for now, but Google and Yandex are actively taking steps to solve this problem.

Traffic is no longer the main goal of promotion. If you are selling something, we recommend focusing on conversion - it will be the most accurate indicator of the effectiveness of SEO promotion.

Instead of conclusions: recommendations for improving website rankings

  • Optimize your website for different devices so that it is equally convenient for users to order services and goods from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Improve the information architecture of the website so that visitors can easily interact with the site and quickly find materials of interest.
  • Optimize your website for the needs of users: publish useful expert information, detailed descriptions, and user-friendly blocks.
  • Create high-quality diverse content: text, video, podcasts. Use reliable sources and fact-checking.
  • Develop the company's brand - work with social approval, reviews, post real photos.
  • Use the wide functionality of search engines.
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