Significance of Quality Assurance in Software Development

Significance of Quality Assurance in Software Development
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Quality Assurance (QA) is a crucial element of software development. The importance of QA testing is that it is used for managing software quality throughout the development cycle. In the absence of this, there are high chances of the occurrence of errors, glitches, or other problems. Such issues can result in harmful consequences which can impact the company’s reputation. It is a necessary step to ensure the delivery of the product of the highest quality fulfilling all the needs of the customer. In this article, we’ll acquaint you with some major advantages of QA testing.

Importance of QA Testing

Let’s discuss the key factors adding to the importance of QA testing briefly.

  • Helps in cost and time reduction

Having a proper QA system employed in the development life-cycle helps avoid problems like bugs, common defects, and errors. The earlier you detect the issues the better, as it prevents extra expenditure that would otherwise go into fixing the issues at later stages. The bugs that go undetected even after the QA are very minor and easily fixable.

  • Ensures the maintenance of the quality of the product

QA processes are there to keep the product reliable and stable. QA focuses on detecting and keeping potential issues from entering the software architecture. And fewer issues imply better quality. The QA team together with the quality control team executes tests at various stages of the product life cycle. Their goal is to ensure the usability, safety, and functionality of the product. The result is the delivery of high-quality products working as intended.

  • Works on product security

When we talk about software, security is the top priority. So, it is obvious that the QA team is focusing on this arena. Software developers work their best but there is still the scope of loopholes. Even a minor vulnerability in the security of the software can turn out to be really harmful to company data and create a blunder. QA team implements safeguarding processes during the development cycle to ensure that the software is securely built.

  • Enhances accessibility & usability

QA team helps improve the current application or any prototype, it examines the to implement the possible technicalities. This is done to provide the best solutions for customer satisfaction and can be achieved by:

  • Assessing the usability of the project using various methods such as cognitive breakthrough or heuristic evaluation.
  • Evaluating the flow of users associated with keyboard navigation, tabulation, and interaction along with probable blockers.
  • Affirm elements like appropriate color contrasts, color usage, or support for keyboard navigation and screen readers.

QA engineers recommend improvements in the service or product to make it convenient for people with disabilities. These recommendations are then shared with web designers or developers for further alterations. This leads to improved product quality, greater market share, and enhanced brand reputation.

  • Executes performance testing

With the engagement of QA, you can expect additional performance testing. This is done to test the responsiveness of the system and its stability under a certain workload. Performance testing allows you to test multiple qualities of the system such as reliability, scalability, and more. As quality is not just about error-free software but also about supplying the user's demand timely.

  • Enhances customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the end goal of any software, whether it be for a client or for the customer itself. Software testing services aim at delivering a product that is flawless, and feature-rich for optimum customer satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the QA team to streamline the processes of the software making sure it will fulfill customer requirements.

  • Saves company image

Delivering a product that is satisfactory to the customers mirrors the company that developed it. A software of high quality that displays remarkable features with robust security and smooth functionality helps a company make its place in the market. QA contributes to a company's reputation big time.

How Neglecting QA Can Impact the Software?

Companies may overlook the importance of QA testing in order to save time and resources. But this neglect should be avoided at all costs as it can backfire causing you even more expenses and might cost the company's reputation. Common technical and commercial risks that a company can potentially face upon not taking QA seriously are:

  • Errors in the code and bugs that go undetected
  • System malfunctions
  • Inadequate system security
  • Fluctuating performance
  • Missed deadlines
  • Financial fails
  • Reputational harm
  • Disappointed end user


The aim of QA is to deliver a product that ensures maximum customer satisfaction whether those are businesses or the end-user. QA performs tests throughout the development process making sure no bugs pass in the end product. Avoid the substantial risks that can be caused due to the neglect of QA by opting for competent software testing services that are there in the market.

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