Signs That You Need A Spy App for Parental Control

Signs That You Need A Spy App for Parental Control
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09 November 2023

The internet can be an overwhelming place to be but there is no denial to the fact that in today’s digital age, people of all age groups spend most of their time online. When you explore, you will come across all types of people, content and situations, although these not only apply online but also when you are in the real world. 

If you have kids who have exposure to the outside world and gadgets then you would have certain concerns about their safety. Like, when your child is going out, who they are meeting, where they are going. And when they are on their smartphones, who they are chatting with, what content they are viewing, what media they are exchanging with others. 

Questions can be endless but remember if you are a parent and want that extra protection for your child and want to be posted about everything they do then you can consider using a parental control app.

Signs to look for when thinking about parental control app

  1. When your child is not focusing on studies: In the growing years, education is the most important thing and every parent is keen on making their kids study well and become independent but if you think that they are not focusing on studies like before then you can use a parental control app. With a parental control app you can monitor where and how your child is spending that time on their phone. 
  1. Alarming web browser history: While surfing basic things online, your child might end up landing on an inappropriate website. If you find any such content in their browsing history then with the spy app you can control their activity and take an informed action.
  1. When your child won’t give you their phone: If you think that your child has started spending more time on their phone and they are not ready to give you their phone to see what they are doing on it despite asking them multiple times then you definitely need a spy app because they might be engaged in some inappropriate activity and hiding it from you. This could get them into trouble also so knowing about a situation beforehand and dealing with it accordingly would be a wise thing to do. 
  1. Not getting sound sleep: A good seven to eight hours of sound sleep is important for everyone. But today the addiction for smartphones has led to a bad lifestyle for most people. If your child is compromising on their sleep to be able to spend more time on their phone chatting with friends or playing games excessively then it’s time that you monitor your child digitally also.
  1. If your child’s behavior has changed negatively: If you notice your child is mostly avoiding family gatherings and spending that time alone on their device then with the help of a spy app you can find out what they are doing on their phone. 

If you monitor closely then you will be able to find more reasons besides the ones mentioned above. Raising kids in today’s high-tech world is not easy, even if you believe that you know everything about technology and your child but in reality, technology keeps on upgrading and so does your child.

Modern times require modern parenting and so with the rising percentage of kids using personal phones and being isolated from everyone around, you can also upgrade to mobile spy apps for monitoring your kids.

Upgrade to a spy app

Upgrading from traditional parenting to digital parenting may require you to switch to a spy app to monitor your child. A spy app enables you to look after your child remotely. You can look out for Onemonitar as your potential partner to track your target. This is one of the best spy apps for android devices as it gives you 50+ features like if we talk about the WhatsApp spy feature you can track the chats on the target device and not only the chat but everything your child does on WhatsApp will be visible to you like photos, videos, documents, and also the status of the contacts on your child’s WhatsApp. 

Onemonitar, the spy app you need!

With Onemonitar’s exclusive hidden call recorder feature you can listen to all the calls on the target device with the complete information of the caller. To find out who your child is spending time with online rather than being a part of the family gatherings, you can check their social media accounts and see who they are interacting with and if they are involved in any inappropriate activities. 

By checking the web browsing history of your child, you can get clarity on what content your child is viewing, which websites they are visiting and if they are consuming any content that should be restricted for them. 

You can do all this and more remotely that means you don’t need your child’s phone and its password once the spyware is installed on their phone. Also, the spy app will run in the background in hidden mode, making it undetectable for your child to know about it.


When you are sure that your child is behaving differently and needs your extra attention, know that it is the time where you can look out for a phone spy app such as Onemonitar.

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