Spy Phone Apps: A Parent's Best Friend?

Spy Phone Apps: A Parent's Best Friend?
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23 October 2023

Gadgets have become an integral part of our daily lives in this technological age. Kids are also addicted to devices for this reason. Therefore, as a parent, you should utilize the parental control app to track or monitor your children's online activity if you are concerned about their safety or security when using smartphones.

onemonitar spy phone app is one of the many parental control apps available for Android devices in India today. This spy app can keep an eye on all of your child's smartphone activity. Additionally, you will have all the crucial features required to control the device used by your children. I'll list some of the key features of the onemonitar mobile spy app below. Look at this!!

Whatsapp monitoring:

This function of our onemonitar spy phone app allows you to read both group and individual talks. You may also hear the recordings of WhatsApp calls. To make sure the phone isn't being used for improper WhatsApp discussions, you can also review the message's content and the time and date it was sent. 

GPS tracking:

Parents can use this mobile spy app to follow the whereabouts of their children using a GPS tracker. This spy app enables children to inform their parents of the location of the pick-up. Additionally, parents can utilize this app to receive a notification if their child get stuck somewhere.

Call recording:

With the hidden call recorder feature, you may record all incoming and outgoing phone calls and track call logs with the number and caller name. 

Facebook monitoring:

Facebook monitoring feature of this mobile spy app enables you to watch your child's Facebook account in a manner akin to WhatsApp. Every communication message, chats, friends, etc. was with your child. Therefore, you can act right away if you notice anything strange. 


Look through any saved or unsaved contacts. Make a note of all the numbers you believe your child may use to cause trouble. 

Viewing browser history:

Monitoring the web browser is a vital feature of the onemonitar phone spy app. It allows you to checkout the browser history of the android device which you want to monitor. Keeping an eye on the online activity in which your kids indulge in is the best way to know what they are up to. It will help you figure out the activities of people that you care for and prevent them from getting into any dangerous or suspicious situations. 


Therefore, I hope that this answer will help you to choose the best spy app for Android device. onemonitar is the perfect solution for your kid. It will not only monitor the online activity of a child but it will also provide a relief or peace of mind to you as a parent. 

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