So what does that Mean For Minecraft Servers?

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Minecraft servers Minecraft Servers 1.14.4 are so difficult to locate? It's simple because Minecraft 1.14 was a temporary version that was very unstable and was not available on most big servers. Most large Minecraft servers need reliable server software that can provide the 24/7 uptime and offer "good enough" performance to make the experience enjoyable for players.

Minecraft 1.14 was lower than Minecraft 1.15. Minecraft 1.13 was probably even worse. All about minecraft servers and minecraft in general What does this mean for Minecraft servers? The majority of servers were stuck on Minecraft 1.12 However, those that upgraded to Minecraft 1.12 were immediately upgraded to Minecraft 1.15.

If you check out websites for voting and search for Minecraft servers you will found out exactly what I'm talking about. Considering that Minecraft 1.14 was prone to bugs on the client side, it's not necessary to use it anymore. You might want to upgrade to the latest Minecraft client or at the very least 1.15.

If you still insist on using Minecraft 1.14, there is still possibility. Most of Minecraft servers today support a wide range of clients. This means you can join 1.15 Minecraft servers with 1.14 client if you really want to use the 1.14 version.

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