Solving The 18-36 Month Sleeping Bags Conundrum; From Benefits To Size And Material

Solving The 18-36 Month Sleeping Bags Conundrum; From Benefits To Size And Material
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Most parents have a little less than a year to prepare for the birth of their child. You’ll have more time to plan and organise if you're lucky. Regardless, it's never easy to prepare yourself and your home for your child today. You’re bombarded with information and new products, and you’ll be left confused about what you need and don’t need. 18-36 Month Sleeping Bags are much the same. In more ways than one, sleeping bags are relatively new to most parents.

To add to this, there is a lot of misinformation about sleeping bags, cocoons, and swaddles out there. Sifting through this huge influx of information in itself is a task. As a result, many parents are now wondering if Sleeping Bags With Sleeves is the right choice for their child. On top of this, choosing the right sleeping bag requires more learning.

History, Tradition, And Present

While actual sleeping bags like the one we find today may not have been in use for long, something similar has always been in use. Swaddling, after which 18-36 Month Sleeping Bags are designed, has been used in many cultures worldwide. Although it needs to be mentioned that swaddling is only suitable for 0-6 months, sleeping bags can be used for much longer. Some cultures swaddle the baby and wrap them tightly.

In other cultures, the babies are swaddled to the mother so that the child can share warmth. Both swaddles are said to have various benefits for the child, and the second one is beneficial for the mother as well. Keeping the baby close to the mother's body can help in lactation.

While Sleeping Bags With Sleeves may not provide as many benefits for the mother, the baby can benefit immensely.

Benefits Of Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags can entirely replace the need for pillows and bedding for newborns and toddlers. Consequently, the risks associated with children sleeping with blankets are removed.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of sleeping bags for children.

Safety First

No doubt, all parents are away from the risks of using blankets to keep babies warm. While it is relatively safe for newborns as they don’t move around much, it can be dangerous for older babies. The moment they start kicking and moving their arms and legs, more care is needed. For starters, they can unintentionally kick off the blanket themselves during the night and expose their fragile bodies to the cold weather. Secondly, asphyxiation and choking are equal risks.

18-36 Month Sleeping Bags, on the other hand, are much safer. There is no risk of kicking it off or pulling it over the face and suffocating.

Helpful as the Babies Develop Their Circadian Rythm

Newborns sleep almost all the time. They have no sense of day or night; consequently, the sun's rising or setting does not affect their sleep. At around 2 or 3 months of age, their circadian rhythm starts to develop, and that's when the 18-36 Month Sleeping Bags are most useful. They will begin to associate sleeping bags with sleeping over a few days. Then, whenever it’s nighttime, you can put them on. They’ll begin to be drowsy and fall asleep quickly.

No Disturbance During Travel

Just like adults, babies, too, can have difficulty falling asleep in strange or new places. One way to circumvent this problem is to travel with a sleeping bag.

As they get used to sleeping in Sleeping Bags With Sleeves, it will work well towards making them comfortable no matter where they are. They will not notice any environmental change as they are cosy and comfortable in their sleeping bag.

Warmth Beyond a Blanket

A sleeping bag can provide babies with the right amount of warmth. Unlike blankets, you will not have to worry about whether your baby is warm or not. A sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that keeps them warm through the night. As long as you choose the right Sleeping Bags With Sleeves, you need not worry.

It is highly useful in maintaining an even temperature throughout the night. You can change the bag according to the weather. In colder weather, go for sleeping bags with the right materials and a higher tog rating. Sleeping bags made of thinner cotton and have a low tog rating are perfect for keeping them cool in the summer.

Choosing The Right Size

When you plan to buy a sleeping bag for your baby, check the sizing guide provided by the brands you’re looking to buy from. Some brands may have a different sizing chart that can mess up the size of the sleeping bag. Unlike other outfits, the sleeping bag size should be just right.

A too-small sleeping bag will be too tight for them to be comfortable, and you won’t be able to put it on over clothes.

Secondly, a larger-sized sleeping bag is too unsafe as they can essentially get smothered in it; instead of looking at sizes as ‘newborn, toddler, etc., look for months as a guide. Along with this, check the sizing chart provided by the brand. This will tell you the exact measurements you can expect and buy the sleeping bag accordingly. 

The Right Material

It is of utmost importance to choose a sleeping bag that is weather-appropriate. Stuffed, thick polyester materials are better to hold in the warmth for winter months. Cotton, linen, and other softer fabrics are perfect for the summer. Moreover, you should also consider how sensitive your baby’s skin is and choose a material accordingly. While it is alright to choose synthetic materials for the winter as they hold in more heat, it is even safer as they’re dressed underneath. This is often not the case with summer sleeping bags.

As such, choose a material that will not be abrasive on their skin and keep them safe through the night.

Wrapping Up

Sleeping bags don’t only have historical significance; they’re also beneficial today. As long as you’re careful to make the right choice and use it wisely, you can guarantee good sleep for your child and yourself.

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