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01 September 2022

Hearing this, Ye Tao was overjoyed. When the light dissipated, a brand new weapon appeared in the top blank space. The shape of the sword was very strange. The whole sword was like a long snake with a slight bend. The tip of the sword was like a snake tongue, very sharp and thin. The only difference was that the snake tongue was not bifurcated. The overall color of the sword is sky blue. There is a blood stain on the body of the sword, which is very strange. There is a light blue light floating on both sides of the blade, as if the blue light will float away when the wind blows. It is very gorgeous, and the hilt is much narrower and longer than the usual sword. With Ye Tao's idea, it flowed to the sword, and suddenly the situation of the long sword was displayed on the screen. Breeze Sword: Human level medium weapon, the main body is condensed by marble, light as floating with the wind, prosperous as a dream, all attributes add 18 points, long-range attack distance increases by 3 meters, wind element attack increases by 15. Ye Tao looked at it immediately dumbfounded, the weapon has attributes he saw for the first time, he turned his eyes to Cher's body. Cher explained with a smile, "Master, the weapon that reaches the top grade of human level, can be said to be only one step away from the ranks of yellow ware, and this yellow ware is the low-level magic weapon that the master knows in his heart,x56 line pipe, so it's not surprising that this sword has certain additional attributes, as for what the wind element attacks, it's another additional attribute, so to say, with a little wind element attack." It is equivalent to the master spending 1oo points of True Qi to increase the power, but it is too early for the master to learn the skill of wind element, but for you now, it can also increase the power of swordsmanship and the degree of sword. "Oh." Ye Tao's face was full of shock and nodded. He immediately took out the sword and held it in his hand. He immediately felt that it was really floating with the wind as stated in the notes,321 stainless steel sheet, and that his body seemed to have gained some strength. It was really impossible not to say the magic of the sword. With the dance of swordsmanship, he felt pulled by the sword, as if it was drifting away with the wind, and when the sword broke through the air, it was not silent, but it could not be checked, only the slight "hissing" sound. Feeling a little about the new weapon, Ye Tao couldn't help but put the sword into the "Gan Kun Bag". He didn't forget that there was a treasure chest. If it was time to delete the treasure chest, he wouldn't regret it. Treasure chest in his way home, he saw is green, although not the best purple, but he has been very satisfied, after all, he killed Xiaoguai, can appear intermediate treasure chest, uns s31803 sheet ,uns c68700, or what is not satisfied. Open the treasure chest naturally do not have to tangle, according to his present repair for, the appearance is bound to be human level goods. As Ye Tao's mind clicked on the treasure chest, the treasure chest changed in an instant, and a wolf's head appeared. Pet? Frost, wind and waves! As soon as Ye Tao saw the wolf's head, he recognized its origin. His eyes were full of incredible surprises. To say what he liked most, it was nothing more than a pet. A good pet could even decide the victory or defeat of a battle without worrying about its betrayal and fear of death. Although he uses the function of the system to use energy points, he can also get loyal pets, but those pets, if they want to get advanced, must consume a lot of energy points, which can not be accompanied by his promotion, but the pets produced in the system are not. According to Cher's words, as long as the creatures born in the system can be upgraded according to the rules of the game, that is to say, as long as he takes his pet to kill monsters in the wild, the pet can be upgraded, and the pet also has pet space, he can carry it with him, but also can be summoned at will, even if he goes to the copy space to experience, that can be taken with him. The only bad thing is that pets will die if they are seriously injured, whether in reality or in fantasy. Subsequently, Ye Tao's mind double hit the wolf's head, the wolf's head disappeared in an instant, Ye Tao did not have to think that he also knew that the pet returned to the pet space, officially revived. At this time, the mechanical sound of the system sounded. Ask the host to name the pet. "Xiao Feng." Ye Tao hesitated a little and answered. The name is successful, and the main program is opened. ” After the very formulaic answer, a trace of joy was transmitted to Ye Tao's mind, in which he felt a strong attachment, just like a lively and lovely pet acting like a spoiled child. Leng, Ye Tao did not rush to summon pets, but opened the "small wind" attribute bar. Pet: Xiao Feng (Frost Wind Wolf) Training level: none. Health: 11 o Energy: 9 o Strength: 11 Physical strength: 9 Agility: 11 Spirit: 9 Pet Qualification Rating: 95 Strength qualification: 8ooo (1 OO points) Physical aptitude: 68 OO (1 OO) Agility: 585o (94 points) Mental aptitude: 352 o (95 points) Savvy: 645 (86 points) Pet Skill: Primary Beast Instinct increases the host's strength by 5%. (Passive Skill) Pet Huigen: One in a million …… At the same time Ye Tao looked at the attribute point of the wind wolf, is secretly a happy, this is a normal adult attribute, but see the following pet aptitude score, immediately, the face pulled down. He used to play a lot of games when he was free. For these data, you can understand it at a glance. Looking at the strength aptitude is full marks, but this full mark is only the full marks in the Wind Wolf family. That is to say, the highest strength attribute of the Wind Wolf can only be raised to 8ooo points, that is, the strength of the eight layers of congenital. The others are rubbish. As for pet Huigen's one in a million, it's still one in a million among the wind wolves. Cher, what's going on? How can there be a restriction? Ye Tao asked Cher next to him discontentedly. Master actually this is very normal, this is the attribute of the wind wolf,x60 line pipe, if the attribute of the wind wolf is not limited, then he will not be comparable to those legendary mythical beasts, you think too beautiful now. Cher said helplessly.

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