Sustainable Two Phase Immersion Cooling

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The increasing number of data centers being constructed as well as the latest developments in technology like 5G, AI, and cloud computing have brought the necessity of green solutions for data centers up to forefront. With increasing economic and social demands IT professionals are looking to liquid immersion cooling in order to save energy and to achieve sustainable efforts.

TMGcore offers innovative HPC solution built with the technology of liquid immersion cooling to specifically address most pressing issues facing the industry.

Sustainable Two Phase Immersion Cooling

Solutions for cooling green computers for computing, like the liquid immersion system, help create more sustainable, smarter, and energy efficient data centers. Through reducing the amount of energy required to maintain the ideal temperature for computing, two-phase liquid immersion cooling is proven as the best method of cooling your computer.

Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

Sustainability is an important driver for the next generation of industry of data centers. Numerous data centers are using green computing technology to ensure carbon neutral, sustainable operations. Two-phase liquid immersion cooling is an innovative method of eliminating the waste of water, reduces the use of energy, and enhances the longevity of equipment.

TMGcore provides innovative and efficient system of immersion cooling that is designed to deal with the highest temperatures, allowing the IT equipment and crypto mining equipment to perform more efficiently over time and be more durable. Our computing platforms that are high-performance will help bring the PUE close to one while reducing costs while gaining an advantage. OTTO Ready solutions are sustainable for your operation as well as the environment.

Protect Your Future Data Center with OTTO

TMGcore has created OTTO to solve the space and power restrictions, and provide the ability to scale, quickly-to-market safe, secure, and efficient solution for optimizing the operation of data centers. Expand the capacity of your data center and reduce costs by utilizing less footprint.

The Home of Immersion

TMGcore was established in the year 2018 with the goal of developing more sustainable and reliable HPC solution. In pursuit of this goal we developed the most sophisticated data center solutions available on the market. Our software and hardware solutions are available in the most challenging cryptocurrency mining operations as well as in the largest data centers in the present. Are you OTTO Ready?

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