Swaddle Wrap For Newborns – How Safe Are They?

Swaddle Wrap For Newborns – How Safe Are They?
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Swaddle Wrap For Newborns — How Safe Are They?

For ages and generations, Indian parents have used the swaddling method to swaddle wrap their babies and help them sleep better. Traditionally, the grandmothers in the family used to cut one of their old and soft cotton or mulmul saree to make squares that could be used as pre-fold nappies and baby swaddle wraps that would suit the sensitive and delicate skin of the babies. But not everything we adopt from our traditions can always be safe, right? This article will help you understand swaddling better and know if swaddles are safe for a newborn baby.

What Are Baby Swaddles?

Swaddles for babies are lightweight fabric cut in squares to wrap the baby in them and help them sleep comfortably and better. There is no specific size for a swaddle, as parents prefer the length based on the wrapping technique and their baby’s comfort. Usually made of 100% cotton or mulmul material, a swaddle is a versatile piece of fabric that can be used for other purposes like your baby’s summer blanket, a pram cover, a burp cloth and much more!

Swaddle Wrap For Newborns – How Safe Are They?

When Can You Start Swaddling?

It is absolutely safe to start swaddling your baby from day 1. However, if your baby’s umbilical stump is still healing and irritating them, you may give it a day or two before you start, or you can start with a very loose swaddle for your baby to get used to being swaddled. Although a swaddle’s snugness mimics the womb’s atmosphere and makes babies feel secure, one should always lead by the comfort of babies!

When To Stop Swaddling?

It might become risky to swaddle the baby with their hands and legs inside when they start to roll over. If your baby rolls over in their sleep and their hands are restricted, it can be very dangerous for them. Thus, once your baby starts to roll over, you can try swaddling from the chest and below or move to a stretchy swaddle wrap for your baby. Some babies outgrow the swaddling stage even before they start to roll over. As mentioned earlier, always let your baby’s comfort led to when to start or stop swaddling them.

Risks Involved With Swaddling

Although swaddling is a very safe practice, there are certain risks involved that parents should be aware of and mindful of.

  • Swaddling your baby too tightly can restrict its natural rhythm of breathing. So, make sure that the swaddle is wrapped snugly but not too tight.
  • Always put the baby on their back to sleep while wrapped in a swaddle. Putting them on their tummy can be a choking hazard. Similarly, when your baby starts to roll over, stop swaddling or swaddling with their hands inside.
  • A swaddle adds an additional layer of clothing. Thus, make sure you dress your baby accordingly during the summer. Many layers can lead to overheating and health issues for your baby.
  • Swaddle your baby only while they are about to nap or sleep for the night. Avoid swaddling your baby when they are awake and playful. While active, let their hands and legs be unrestricted.

The Bottom Line

To sum it is, swaddling is an absolutely safe practice for newborn babies. However, there are certain risks that you need to be mindful of and alter your swaddling habits accordingly. If done so, your baby can enjoy being swaddled comfortably and have a calm and peaceful sleep.

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