Swaddle Wrap: Risks and benefits of Swaddling your Baby

Swaddle Wrap: Risks and benefits of Swaddling your Baby
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Swaddling is a term that refers to the practice of wrapping a baby in a baby swaddle wrap. The practice of swaddling has been around for centuries and is still popular today.

Swaddling is commonly used to make a baby feel safe and secure as it can help babies sleep longer and soundly, soothe fussy or colicky babies, and promote safer sleep.

Many new parents understand the benefits of swaddling their newborn, but getting the perfect swaddle can be difficult. Continue reading to learn more about swaddle wraps for babies and what safety precautions to take when swaddling your baby.

Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

Swaddling your baby in baby wrap cloth carries them back to the days in the womb when everything was comfortable, safe, and snug.

Swaddling has several significant advantages for both parents and babies when done correctly and safely in cotton swaddle wraps:

  1. Swaddling helps to avoid unnecessary wake-ups caused by the startle reflex.
  2. Wearing a newborn swaddle wrap helps to maintain the baby's back-sleeping position and also reminds tired parents to put the baby to sleep on their back.
  3. Swaddling simulates touch, which is essential for babies, especially when they wake up in the middle of the night.
  4. Swaddling soothes colic babies (again, when swaddled in cotton swaddle wraps, they feel secure and safe, just like they felt in the womb).
  5. Swaddling also benefits parents because when the baby sleeps more, the mom and dad sleep more. 

3 Tips to Safely Swaddle Your Baby In Baby Swaddle Wrap

We've all come a long way from the traditional methods of swaddling to modern swaddle wraps for babies. However, learning how to swaddle a baby properly is critical to ensuring safety and effectiveness. Here are 3 tips to safely swaddle babies in baby swaddle wrap:

  1. Do not over-swaddle.

Swaddling or using double-swaddle blankets can cause overheating, which can even lead to SIDS. Choose Swaddle wraps that let the excess heat escape, allowing the baby to breathe. SuperBottoms dry feel swaddle wraps have adjustable length + tightness and velcro straps that fasten to the baby easily and quickly. So there's no need to be concerned about swaddling too tightly or loosely.

  1. Don't swaddle the baby too tightly

Instead of a blanket, use a specially designed baby swaddle wrap that hugs the baby comfortably while allowing for natural leg/hip movement to prevent hip issues such as hip dysplasia.

  1. Don't swaddle the entire day

Babies require space to move around and learn about their bodies. Even if your child enjoys being wrapped up all day, allow them to develop and save the swaddling for bedtime.

Bottom Line 

Swaddling your baby is an excellent way to help him sleep better. You will sleep better if your baby sleeps better. However, follow the safety tips mentioned above to avoid the risks of swaddling while reaping all of its benefits and enjoying some sleep time together.

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