The aftermath of tragedy transforms us

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While there is so much here, it seems like so much is still missing.

Her ignorance of many of these articles led her to not read them over many years.

Trying to protect her family from headlines warning of fear, death, and poisoning, her mother hid them in storage boxes.

Kasia's table is covered with headlines from a tragic event that tore through her family, and they serve as a reminder of what she is striving to overcome.

7 deaths, uncounted fears

It is likely that the killer was not psychotic, according to the doctor

Close-knit family waiting for justice

Her eyes are always drawn to something new in these files whenever she flips through them. Her story, however, is invisible: she sees it as glaringly clear.

The truth has been kept from Kasia for decades. Similarly, she kept her own newspaper clippings in a box when she remembered what happened.

Across suburban Chicago, someone slipped cyanide into Extra-Strength Tylenol bottles for a 4-year-old preschool student.

This unsolved murder case has become notorious for the deaths of seven people. In addition to terrorizing Chicago, the poisonings sparked a national panic, inspired a troubling string of copycats, and led to the largest product recall in history.

Every time she searches her mom's newspaper clippings and mementos, Kasia discovers new details.
The first victims' deaths were documented on September 29, 1982, nearly 40 years ago. The killings have not yet been charged. While police say they may be able to uncover new evidence through advances in DNA technology, there has been no public indication of any leads in this investigation.

Tylenol poisonings led to tamper-proof packaging on many medicines and foods, but the case that once panicked the nation has faded from view.

In her 44th year, Kasia still thinks about it. As the 40th anniversary approaches, she's not trying to crack the case, but searching for answers.

She and three of her family members were among the victims of the Tylenol killings.

In a matter of days, Kasia lost her dad, an uncle, and an aunt. Years later, she is doing everything she can to find them.
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