The Art of Song Pitching: Understanding the Factors Beyond the Surface"

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26 April 2023

Although  Song Pitching may appear to be a straightforward process, there are several factors that come into play. Many writers have submitted what they believe to be their best songs and become disappointed when they receive no response or cut. Unfortunately, an artist or publisher is not interested in what you consider to be your best work, particularly if you are pitching to a mainstream artist. Ultimately, they are looking for songs that can sell.
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While it's important to create original and unique music, it's also essential to consider the commercial scene's expectations. Stepping outside the box with your Song Pitching is acceptable, and it's how music evolves. However, a pitch that doesn't resonate with the target audience can harm your reputation as a songwriter.

Importance of Researching the Artist before Pitching a Song

Pitching a song to an artist without knowing their style, sound, and genre can be detrimental to a songwriter's reputation. While it's not necessary to send carbon copies of the artist's tracks, it's crucial to ensure that the submitted song can compete in the artist's market. Ignoring this rule may lead to the blacklisting of a writer, especially if they pitch a classic country song to a rock artist. Therefore, research is key to improving the chances of getting a cut and maintaining a professional image in the music industry.


Quality in Song Pitching

One crucial aspect of Song Pitching is ensuring that the quality of your work is top-notch. It's not enough to simply believe that your song is great - you need to have others confirm this before pitching it. Seeking feedback from artist and writer friends, or even professional song reviewing services, can provide valuable insight and help you refine your work. If you're interested in a professional song review, you can find one HERE. Remember, only pitch your song if you're confident that it's of high quality and has the potential to succeed.

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