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The Art of Song Pitching: Understanding the Factors Beyond the Surface"

Although  Song Pitching may appear to be a straightforward process, there are several factors that come into play. Many writers have submitted what they believe to be their best songs and become disappointed when they receive no response or cut. Unfortunately, an artist or publisher is not interested in what you consider to be your best...

Song Shop · 26 April 2023 · 12

How To Pitch Your Song

Pitching music to blogs can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to stand out among a sea of other artists. Here are some tips on how to pitch your music in a compelling way to blogs: 1. Do Your Research: Before reachin...

Song Shop · 27 February 2023 · 4

How to Pitch Music in a Compelling Way to Blogs?

When will your song be released? Want to amass a devoted following? Correct music pitching is the answer to these queries. You could be wondering how to engage blogs and publications with your music pitch. So you've come to the right location. It's...

Song Shop · 10 December 2022 · 9