The Best Minecraft Survival Servers

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28 September 2022

Since its launch all the way back in 2011 Minecraft has grown to become one of the most popular games on the planet. Due to global pandemic-related lockdowns, Minecraft's popularity has increased to new heights in recent times. Minecraft is an online game with endless possibilities. And, since you're not restricted to your personal Minecraft island There are an abundance of servers created by players, such as Minecraft survival servers, for you to check out.

There are many different play styles available on these servers, but Minecraft Survival servers is the most well-known. They offer intricately designed worlds that are difficult to conquer and more challenging to conquer.

Finding the right server for you However, it isn't always easy. Each server has different worlds, different quirks, and different dangers. MINECRAFT SERVERS We've put together a most popular Minecraft survival servers to help you stay safe.


To start our list off with a bang We present one of the most recognizable names within the Minecraft survival server list. Hypixel was founded in 2013 and has since developed into one of the world's largest Minecraft servers.

The Hypixel server also includes a variety of original games, as opposed to the usual Bedwars and Skyblock mini-games that we're going to touch on later. Mega Walla, Blitz Survival and a variety of other games are available to players while they play on this incredible server.


It is difficult to create an inventory of the top survival servers for 2021 without including Mineplex the most well-known server on the planet. This server has an ample number of games for players to play and it's difficult to figure out what game to check out the next time around.

Players can battle against other players, or they can explore Mineplex's rendition of the classic Mario Kart title in the form of Minekart. We have observed Mineplex as one of the most impressive servers, and we are expecting it to continue growing in the coming years.



Next is a server offering many mini-games such as Skyblock, Factions and Prison. Mineville includes all of these mini-games along with other features, including:

- Custom Enchantments - Player Levels - mcMMO Jobs - Marriage - Coin Flips - Arenas for PvP, Crates, Sell Chests, Ranks Trench Tools, & more - Ancient Trials - Races

There is a lot to do within this server and the community that runs the Mineville server is one of the most supportive available.


Another classic Minecraft survival server is the next on our list. Herobrine is also one of the longest-running servers, and this in large part due to the amazing games and attention to detail inside the server.

The server offers some classic mini-games that you'd expect from the Minecraft survival server however, they also have one of the best Bed Wars iterations we have seen so far.

The Mining Dead


The Mining Dead is a Minecraft survival server that goes beyond the normal. It is based on The Walking Dead. This server is set in an apocalyptic world where survival is the main objective.

You'll have to walk around the city with nothing in your inventory in order to take on the zombies.

This concludes our top Minecraft survival server list. We will continue to update this list with new servers, so make sure you keep checking back frequently. If you're looking for other servers to join, you can check out PCGamesN's best Minecraft servers guide.

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