The Difference Between Refurbished And Second-Hand Phones?

The Difference Between Refurbished And Second-Hand Phones?
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09 February 2022

As cell phones have become more complex, so have their prices, with the most recent models costing up to £1,000! Even if you expect to pay it back in monthly instalments throughout a contract, that's still a significant sum of money. 

Another alternative is to purchase a used phone or a refurbished phone through the Laptop Outlet's web store. What is the difference between 'used' and ‘refurbished', though? 

People usually assume that refurbished and second-hand phones are the same thing. But this is not true. You will be able to differentiate between a refurbished phone and a second-hand phone by the end of the blog 

Refurbished phones: 

To begin, let us define exactly what we mean by the phrase "refurbished." A refurbished phone is one that has been returned by a prior owner and has been thoroughly examined and repaired to the same high level as new. 

Some refurbished phones may have been returned because they were defective, while others may have been returned because the owner changed their mind. When they go back on sale, they'll be fully repaired and up to standard. While all refurbished phones will function as if they were brand new, their physical state will vary, which is why we employ a grading system for all of our phones, ranging from like new to those that work great but may have a few minor signs of usage, such as scratches and marks. 

Refurbished phones will always have a charger or charging cord, as well as a one-year warranty. They will not be packaged in the original packaging. 

Second-hand phones: 

Second handphones are the used phones which are sold by the previous owners without any repairing or testing. Second-hand phones are not that reliable as they don’t have any real guarantee or assurance. There is always risk involved in buying a second handphone unless you are an expert and know how to check all the technicalities. If you are not an expert, make sure you do a lot of research before making a purchase.   

With a used phone, you may not be entitled to a guarantee, and you are not obligated to get any accessories, such as a charger. 

Key difference: 

The main difference is that a refurbished phone has been thoroughly inspected and fixed, ensuring that you will receive a fully functional product, unlike second handphones. You know you're dealing with a reputable firm and can trust that the phone is in full functioning condition whether you buy it from the Laptop Outlet online store or directly from one of the manufacturers. 


While the two names are quite similar, there are several distinct advantages to purchasing a refurbished phone over the one that is merely classified as "used/second hand." Finally, a refurbished phone gives you an extra sense of security and peace of mind. You know it's been thoroughly tested, cleaned, fixed, and entirely erased of the previous owner's data, and it'll be in good working condition when you receive it. 

The word 'used or second hand', on the other hand, is far more difficult to describe, so you'll have a lot less confidence in the state of the phone you're getting. A used phone may appear to be in like-new shape, but it could also have a lot of cosmetic damage or even be non-functional, putting you at a considerably higher risk than a refurbished one. You might be tempted to buy a used phone if you can get a cheaper deal, but always be aware of the risks before doing so. 

If you want to go for a refurbished phone instead of a used/second-hand phone, our recommendation would be visiting the Laptop Outlet online store. There is a variety of options available at the store. Some of our favourite ones are mentioned below: 




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