The Minecraft with RTX Beta is out Now!

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As we've mentioned, Minecraft with RTX's worlds are almost entirely path-traced, with lighting and effects featuring incredible levels of detail for the very best image quality that is possible. Plugins Here's a list of the main effects in case you're curious or just need to learn more about the technology behind Minecraft with RTX.

Global Illumination

Games are typically lit by precomputed lightmaps, Image-Based Light Probes, Spherical Harmonics, and Reflective Shadow Maps as well as artist-placed lights to force illumination in areas in areas where the previous methods do not work. While the results look amazing but the methods employed are not without flaws, with one of the biggest being that dynamic lighting does not bounce or illuminate beyond the area where the light is hitting.

Imagine a dark room that has bright light shining through a window. In traditional methods, everything directly struck by the light is lit however, the areas that are illuminated themselves do not bounce light and don't reflect light on the surrounding game elements as they could.

With path tracer, we are able to accurately model the dynamic indirect lighting that is reflected by indirect bounces off of surfaces in the scene and then have it interact and play with other ray-traced effects. Imagine, for instance, sunlight shining into a castle through multicolored stained-glass windows and refracting to illuminate every corner of the room reflecting off the shiny marble floor, and brightening surrounding details, causing new shadows of contact hardening to be cast off objects.

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