The Psychology Of Ghostwriting: The Emotional Toll Of Writing Someone Else's Story

The Psychology Of Ghostwriting: The Emotional Toll Of Writing Someone Else's Story
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Writing is not an easy job. Usually, we see people who are introverts opt for this job. A lot of writers feel lonely and at the same time understand someone else emotions. 

We believe writing takes the loneliness of writing and multiplies it. When we talk about the emotional toll of writing a story we consider various elements. It includes the style and intent of the narrative. 

In this article, we will take you through the background of ghostwriting. We will get into the emotional toll of writing someone else’s story. We believe it is not easy to write about someone else. Wondering why? 

Well, how can someone know exactly what the other person feels? But that is when we seek help from book writers and make them pen it down.   They will tell the stories according to their perspective. 

They have seen the world with their eyes but when you write someone else’s story you start thinking about their chapters of life. 

How To Add Emotion To Your Writing

Emotion creates a connection between you and your readers. It is surely an achievement when readers understand your perspective and engage with your message. 

For your book, the emotions can be built by the following

  • Add Sensory Details

Move from abstract to concrete.

By adding concrete, sensory details, writers can create energy and emotion. 

When your writing feels dull, overload it with something meaningful. 

  • Incorporate Highs And Lows

Look for stories that reflect different emotional extremes. Emotions could be good or bad. They all reflect changes and put contrasting emotions together. 

  • Energy Levels 

Emotion can simply be the energy level that becomes a part of your writing. If you cannot decide on the energy levels, list down the possibilities and pay attention to your facial expressions. If the topic excites you it will show up. 

  • Do Not Shy Away From Writing Elements 

If something makes you nervous and you shy away from it you need to incorporate it into your content. 

Writing about sensitive topics will make your writing stronger. 

  • Give Importance To Craft

Work on the technical details and come up with high-low tones and frequency of use. Many elements of craft can get infused into your writing. All you need to do is evoke emotion as much as content. 

Reasons To Write Someone Else’s Story

To write about someone else’s story is like taking a challenge. 

Here are the reasons why you should write about someone else’s story

  • Exploring

You learn more about your story. By exploring the lives of others you get a new lens to look at your own life.

  • Adding Meaning

Storytellers are known to add meaning to their stories. They add layers of meaning to the shared experiences.  When you tell someone else’s story you give them a window to their soul.

  • Self-creation

Dive into the stories, explore them, and feel them. 

Covering the whole context might get difficult. But when you put down your self-creation and serve someone else’s story then you understand them better. 

How To Write A Sad Story

 If you are sensitive or have a cold heart you need to deal with emotions while writing. 

The deep emotions might include thrill or even a death scene. Writing emotions can get difficult. Since you need to involve so many emotions and keep all the characters in the frame. 

You may be dealing with a single sad scene but the following tips will help you in writing. 

  • Feel Your Emotionality

Get into the feels!

It is important to know your own emotions. Then you have to translate these feelings into the character's emotional states. 

All you need to do is get deep into your characters' heads, use their backstories, and connect with the audience. 

  • Sentimentality And Truth

To write an article you must understand the difference between sentimentality and truth. It is all about signifying emotions and adding more meaning to the writing. 

We believe sadness has to be authentic so you need to experience the real pain. It is all the art to make the reader feel the real pain through the right selection of phrases. 

  • Adding Specific Details

Create natural emotion through all the details. 

What is writing without details?  Resonate with your readers through dramatic events and descriptions. 

  • Connecting With Various Emotions

To connect with emotional writing is like adding melodrama and making intense feelings stand out. 

When you work with heightened emotions you need to pair them up with others. 

  • Using Backstories

Showing your character's history can help in building an emotional reaction. The backstories build minor actions meaningful and give body language

  • Character Development

Writing about characters is like working on their journey and showing the readers their traits. When you are reading about a character you are experiencing a small slice of that character's journey on the page. 

With time characters grow and you start connecting with their emotions. So, ensure that the emotions are so strong that readers start feeling the story.

How To Make The Personal Experience A Positive One In Writing

There are many ways to make the personal experience a positive one in writing. 

  • Sharing personal experiences to let the readers engage and make the writing more relatable. 
  • Drawing personal experiences to add depth and dimension to your writing. 
  • Connecting with the audience on a deeper level. 


In this article, we have discussed how stories help you to connect with audiences. You can make your writing more relatable by adding emotions to it. 

According to our experiences writing someone else’s stories can serve as giving new lenses. It acts as a source of inspiration and gives more depth and dimension. 

We believe everyone’s writing gets affected by their personal experiences.  Every person sees the world and then our unique voice comes into play. 

Some writers find that personal experiences are a rich source of material for different writing pieces. In this way, they can explore universal themes or even write about personal growth. 

This can be a good idea to give your writing a different flavor. If you opt to write about someone’s story it gets more interesting. To get in the way of telling a good story or expressing thoughts you can explore how personal experience affects writing. 


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