Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

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17 January 2023

MapleStory has been around for ages. It is one of the pioneers of MMORPG and is still going strong in 2023. Thing is, MapleStory has gone through many patches and whether you are a new or a returning player, settling in the Maple World can be a little fuzzy sometimes.

Not to worry though, we’re starting afresh! Today we will be talking about some tips and tricks both returning and new players can use in MapleStory!

Let’s get started!

Pick Easier Classes First

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

MapleStory is very rich when it comes to class content. Each of its classes is extremely unique and offers its players different playstyles. While they are all fun and good, there are some classes that could be difficult for newer players. If you’re new to MMORPGs, you might want to try out the easier ones first.

What we recommend is picking the classic Explorer class. Here, you get to choose from Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman and Pirate jobs. Their skills and requirements are relatively easy and straightforward, making them the perfect choice for starters.

Besides that, the Cygnus Knight jobs are also very easy to get into as their skill kits are easy to understand. They are almost similar to the Explorer classes but with differing storylines.

Alternatively, Demon Slayer and Avenger classes are also strong choices for newcomers when it comes to accessibility as they are not reliant on Mana Potions, saving you tons of Mesos.

Travelling The Easy Way

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

Travelling across different areas of the Maple World is now way easier than it was back in the mid-2000s of the game. Back then, you would need to move from area to area, just to reach another town and they suck up a lot of your time. Now, it’s not as tedious as before!

One of the more classic ways of travelling is using scrolls. The Return Scroll to the Nearest Town is still as effective as it was before and they are very accessible, sold in shops in almost all towns. Remember to stock these scrolls up as much as possible!

Aside from scrolls, the Pantheon is also many Maplers' go-to place to quick-travel across the Maple universes. The Pantheon is found on the Six Path tree in Victoria Island which you will almost always come across during the early parts of the game.

Battling Daily Bosses is Very Important

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

Like with travelling, fighting against the many bosses in MapleStory is now very accessible. The developers have done a great job in creating a special UI for the cause. With just a couple of clicks in the Boss tab, you can queue for boss fights with other public Maplers.

Some of these bosses like Zakum and Von Leon have difficulty levels. This means, even if you are not super high-levelled, you can still attempt these boss challenges—we really recommend players try them!

If you are able to beat these bosses enough times, you will be awarded accessories and weapons that you can use or even sell. They are a great resource for Mesos and also a great place to meet other Maplers!

That said, these bosses have their own unique attack patterns with some underhanded quirks like preventing you from using items. Watch out for those and acclimate to the bosses’ attack moves and you should be more than fine.

Farming Mobs is Better than Doing Quests

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

Aside from perhaps Theme Dungeons, farming normal enemies (also known as mobs) is way more efficient and rewarding than completing quests. So, if you are looking purely to level up quickly, farming mobs is the way to go.

If you are unsure where to farm at your current level, there is an in-game Maple Guide that will recommend the areas most appropriate for you in accordance with your level. The thing to take into consideration is the spawn rate of the mobs on the map. The faster their spawn rates are the better the map is because ideally, you would want to take out as many mobs as possible with minimal downtime.

Other mechanics that also help with your training are Runes activation and Burning Fields. Runes can help you clear mobs way easier and sometimes even provide extra EXP gain. Burning Fields are chance encounter and will also give you a huge EXP boost in the area. Abuse it to gain tons of experience points.

Try Not to Fixate on One Character

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

It is understandable that players would want to focus on one character only, especially since levelling is now very easy in MapleStory. The reason why we go against this train of thought is that the game rewards its players with more Maple characters.

Arguably the most important perk you get from creating new characters is the Link Skill system. By reaching certain levels on multiple characters, some skills of your characters can be carried over to your other characters. All in all, this will make your characters homogenously powerful with the added perks from different character classes.

Another amazing thing about having many characters is you can share storage boxes (given that the characters are from the same server). This also means, transferring equipment and mesos is super convenient and makes training low-level characters much easier.

Join a Guild and Make Friends

Tips and Tricks to Help you Get Started in MapleStory in 2023

An important core of MapleStory is its ability to foster a community in-game. It is there back during the infancy of this game and is still here today. Joining a guild will make your Maple adventure more fulfilling and it also comes with some valuable perks!

The higher level of the guild is, the more access the members will have to guild skills that will help increase their character’s in-game stats and other conveniences. It is a collective effort and it is really fun to work towards a common goal with other players rather than just training yourself.

Other things you can do after joining a guild are participating in boss raids and flag races. These guild activities will help your guild climb up the leaderboard and be known to the rest of the Maple World.

Looks like we’ve reached the end! Do know that MapleStory is an ever-changing game and the new things you can learn from this game is bottomless. Hopefully, our guide here can help you smoothen the early parts of your Maple adventure, one way or another!

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