Tokaido Gi USA

Tokaido Gi USA
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The Tokaido gi is the Japanese equivalent of a karate gi. These uniforms are made of 100% cotton for comfort and freedom of movement. The Japanese tokaido uniforms are renowned for their superior performance and durability. They feature no tangles or binds, and are designed for high-level competition. You can purchase your Tokaido gi right from your local karate dojo or order online.

Tokaido gi is a Japanese karate gi


The Tokaido kata master karate gi is a high-quality karate suit developed for kata training. This gi is used in competitions, classes, and is a popular choice for WKF competitors. Let us take a look at the features and benefits of the kata master. If you're looking for a premium karate suit, look no further than a Tokaido gi.


The Tokaido gi is made of special, durable canvas. The Japanese government only allows this type of canvas to be referred to as "Ultimate". This makes Tokaido uniforms durable and comfortable. They can last for decades. In addition to being comfortable, Tokaido gis are also durable and highly functional. The fabric is 14 oz, making it one of the heaviest karate gis in the world.

It is made of 100% cotton


While you may not be able to tell which gi is made in Japan, you can always look for one with the JKA logo or the Tokaido's "Red Fist." Tokaido gi is made from specially-treated cotton canvas that is both comfortable and durable. The name "Tokaido Gi" comes from the fact that these uniforms are made from the only type of cotton canvas permitted by the Japanese government.


The new material is designed to underline the intensive techniques. Its 70% cotton content and 30% polyester content makes the uniform lighter and thinner, so it's more comfortable to wear. The large traditional Japanese print on the inside of the jacket is an eye-catcher. Embroidery adorns the chest, neck, and pants. And with the contrasting color, the uniform is both stylish and functional.

It is free flowing


The Tokaido gi USA is made from mid-weight fabric that feels and snaps like heavyweight canvas. It has the traditional blue hue of the Tokaido tradition. The Gi is designed to fit snugly around the body while still allowing for some movement. It is cut slim and trim around the chest and stomach. It is tailored to fit like a tailored jacket. It has multiple elastic mesh inserts to provide excellent durability and leg-freeness.


The Tokaido name is composed of three kanji and means Eastern Sea Shop. This name honors the homeland of the Tokaido founder. Its origins can be traced back to the 1950s, when Shizuo Sugiora began to make Karate uniforms for his friends and improved on the original blue print until he was happy with it. After a while, the Tokaido style was born.

It is available with the JKA logo


You can get a jacket and pants with the JKA logo. The jacket comes in navy blue and features a JKA badge. Both sizes are Woolworths and R850. You can get both mens and ladies cuts, and the pants have a standard industry fit. However, you can't use generic grey pants in JKA competitions. Instead, you should get a specially-made JKA jersey and pants, which are available at the JKA shop.


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