Top Benefits of Obtaining an Investor Visa in Vietnam

Top Benefits of Obtaining an Investor Visa in Vietnam
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Firstly, let us explain what it is.

What is a Vietnam Investor visa?

The Vietnam Investment Visa, also known as the DT visa, allows the bearer to enter, exit, transit through, and remain inside the nation. 

Who requires this type of visa?

Any foreign investor setting up a company or investing money in Vietnamese companies must have an investment visa. As a foreigner, you require an investor visa for Vietnam in the following cases:

  • Launching a new business or company in Vietnam.
  • Financing an existing business in Vietnam. 
  • Acquiring shares in a Vietnamese corporation.

Top benefits of obtaining a Vietnam Investor Visa

  • Long-term residence in Vietnam based on the investor visa's validity period.
  • You can extend the visa following the visa extension instructions.

How to obtain an investor visa for Vietnam?

You can apply for a Vietnam investor visa in two ways - 

Getting an investor visa in Vietnam

If you are applying while staying in Vietnam, then you should proceed as follows:

Step 1: Preparing and submitting the necessary paperwork to the Vietnam Immigration Service 

The documents must contain:

  • Certified copies of the ERC and IRC of the sponsor company's investment in Vietnam;
  • A confirmation regarding the sponsor company's seal specimen has been published on the national enterprise registration system or a certificate of registration for a sealed specimen.
  • The legal representative of the sponsor company must register their seal and signature on Form NA16.
  • Form NA5, which is used to apply for a visa, a visa extension, or to extend a visitor's stay in Vietnam;
  • A genuine, current passport;
  • A 4x6-inch snapshot with a white backdrop;
  • Registration form for a temporary residency as required

Once you have acquired all the necessary paperwork, deliver it to the Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi, Da Nang, or Ho Chi Minh City, depending on the location of your business.

Step 2: Receive your investor visa

You will get a stamp on your passport for the investor visa within 5-10 working days after you submit all the required paperwork.

Getting an investor visa from a foreign country

If you are in some other country than Vietnam, then proceed as follows:

Step 1: Get an approval letter for a Vietnam DT visa

The documents must contain - 

  • Certified copies of the ERC and IRC of the sponsor company's investment in Vietnam;
  • A seal specimen registration certificate or notification to inform the sponsor company's seal specimen details have been made public on the national enterprise registration portal.
  • Form NA2 with Barcode - Request for pre-clearance of foreigners' entry into Vietnam; Form NA2 with Seal and Signature of the Legal Representative of the Sponsor Company (complete here and print out).
  • The investor's passport photocopy.

Your representative in Vietnam will submit these to the Hanoi, Da Nang, or Ho Chi Minh City offices of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

The agent will receive the letter approving your visa within five working days and email you its scan copy.

Step 2: Obtain the DT Visa stamp

Now that you have the necessary paperwork, you can apply for a DT visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate General near you.

  • Original & Authentic passport as per law.
  • A printed letter approving a visa.
  • Two 4x6cm photographs on a white background.
  • Foreign nationals use FORM NA5 to apply for visas, extend existing visas, and extend their stay in Vietnam.

The visa processing procedure can take up to 5–7 working days. Remember that to receive your passport with the DT visa, you must be present at the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate General on the scheduled date.

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