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Applying for a tourist or business visa to Vietnam, you can rely on Express Vietnam as the top Vietnam visa & immigration expert company. When you hand off the processing your visa processing job to us, we are prepared to obtain it quickly. Call now!

What Are the Requirements For a Work Permit in Vietnam?

Let us make one thing clear, foreign nationals who want to work in Vietnam require a work permit as legal permission to work in the country. What if I have a Vietnam business visa? Do I still need a...
11 May 2023 ·
· 6 · Express Vietnam

Top Benefits of Obtaining an Investor Visa in Vietnam

Firstly, let us explain what it is. What is a Vietnam Investor visa? The Vietnam Investment Visa, also known as the DT visa, allows the bearer to enter, exit, transit through, and remain inside the...
21 March 2023 ·
· 18 · Express Vietnam