Top WordPress Development Trends to Follow

Top WordPress Development Trends to Follow
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23 January 2023

WordPress is a top-used CMS for building websites. It's also known for its flexibility and ease of integration with other platforms. Also, it offers a wide variety of themes and plugins to make your website more appealing and feature-rich.

In addition, customization is one of the significant benefits of using WordPress, which helps create effective and engaging websites. You can follow an approach such as PSD to WordPress conversion to develop a website tailored to your needs.

As the platform keeps updating time-to-time, its trends also update constantly. So, knowing about those trends is mandatory before developing a website. It improves the adaptability and core of the website.

Top WordPress Development Trends to Follow

  • Headless WordPress

It separates the front-end and back-end of the website as it works on the decoupled architecture.  It leverages users' power to develop the website's front end according to their needs.

Also, you can extend the built-in content management by WordPress with REST APIs. The best thing about Headless WordPress is that your content is future-proofed under this.

It offers greater flexibility in content migration as any themes or plugins do not bind you. It becomes the best option for a business to deliver content across diverse platforms with the same backend.

The major benefit of using it is that it offers greater control, helps increase the scalability of your website, and so on.

  • WordPress VIP

WordPress is not merely for small and medium-sized businesses. But with this, enterprises can also build solid websites that can easily handle the vast traffic. 

With this, a business can maximize the effectiveness of its content. They can also evaluate its performance and create content for diverse channels. 

It lets you assign user data, publish content, etc. Furthermore, it offers a user-friendly analytics tool to analyze your content's performance.

  • Text-to-Speech

It is possible to convert your website's text into audio format with WordPress. It has emerged as one of the best WordPress development trends. 

Text-to-speech technology enhances accessibility by allowing individuals with reading difficulties to access website content in an auditory format. This can be done through the use of specialized software that converts written text into spoken words, making it easier for these individuals to access and understand written content. 

There are various text-to-speech plugins; some are Responsive Voice text-to-speech, beyond words, and so on.   One of the significant benefits of it is that it sought out the hindrance of reading longer texts on websites. It increases the accessibility of your website and also the engagement ratio. 

However, you can hire a reliable WordPress development agency to integrate this text-to-speech functionality into your website and make it more effective.

  • Multilingual Support

The platform does not support the multilingual feature on its own, but it has some plugins that can do the same for you.

The same content of your website is served in different languages depending upon the region of the site visitor. It is a handy feature in building strong user engagement as it smoothens the language barrier and needs relating to most users' language. 

The multilingual functionalities of your website are very useful in enhancing your business image. A better user experience can improve the website's conversion ratio and bounce rate. It, in turn, becomes helpful in building the credibility of your business. 


So, with this, we’ve reached the end of this blog. You might be familiar with some of them, and some might be new to you. In order to capture a large portion of the market, these are the top WordPress development trends you should follow.

WordPress is a platform used for building robust and scalable websites. Its varied benefits, such as ease of use, superior customization, etc., make it the preferred choice among small and large-scale enterprises.

However, keeping in mind the benefits of this platform, you can partner with the right WordPress development company to make a secure and top-notch website for your business. 

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