Training of internal employees

Training of internal employees
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07 September 2022

There is a common misconception in today's world: If a product is good, customers will buy it even without advertising. But this statement is shattered by a simple question: "How will these customers even know about the product if it is not promoted?

Word of mouth is not counted - its importance is greatly overestimated by many, and it does not begin to bring in customers immediately. Therefore, to optimize the cost of promotion you can invest in the development of your employees.

Nevertheless, the desire of business owners to save money on promotion is fully justified, especially in the current reality. So we decided to give some tips on how to do it the right way.

Invest in the knowledge of your employees, not in the numbers of reports

Many business owners take the path of least resistance - to give the promotion to outside experts. And this, of course, is perfectly normal. But there are several nuances:

Services web promotion third-party company is usually more expensive than the promotion of their own forces.
In case of force majeure (and from it no one is immune today), you risk of not moving in principle.
You somehow or other come into strong dependence on the performer and its terms of cooperation.
Yes, outsourcing is good in its own way. But if you want to save on promotion and make your business more autonomous, it is advised to gradually abandon (at least in part) the services of outside specialists and develop the skills of their own employees.

Is it possible to train people web promotion in a short time? And how soon he can get to work?

Any representative of the digital sphere will confirm that in IT the training process is ongoing. There is no such thing as a person reaches the peak of knowledge and skills. The industry is constantly changing, as well as the methods of promotion on the Web. To become a really good specialist, you need to study long and continuously.


Do the promotion yourself.

Of course, for the owners of large businesses, this is completely irrelevant. It is difficult to imagine that, for example, the CEO of Kyivstar or Privat Bank engaged in maintaining pages in social networks, or wrote SEO-optimized texts for the site. 

But for medium and especially small businesses promotion on the Internet with their own hands - more than a reasonable step. The main thing here - to strike a balance between business development and promotion.

You can, of course, to be trained in SEO, SMM and copywriting to personally promote the business on the web in all directions. But will you have time for the business itself? If you're looking to save money, we recommend choosing one area and delegating the rest.


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