How Screen Recording Can Help Employees with Internal Processes

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22 May 2023

Screen recorders are pretty useful tools that essentially capture video footage of anything and everything that’s displayed on your screen. But what you may not realize is that it can actually help your company’s employees and transform the way they work.

How can screen capture tools accomplish this? That’s exactly what we’re going to look into.

Capture and Share Information

One of the main ways that screen recording can improve the efficiency of your company’s internal processes is by making it easy to capture and share information. If employees run into issues they can record a video and send it to managers for assistance, or if managers want to see the current progress of tasks they can ask employees to record a short clip.

It may also be worthwhile to make it a point to record any and all business meetings conducted using video conferencing. In that way you’ll have it as a reference, and can even send the meeting to any employees who may not have been able to attend.

Onboard Staff and Provide Training

Screen recording is also a very effective tool to train staff. It will allow your company to produce videos that show new employees exactly what they need to do and how to complete the tasks associated with their job – making the onboarding process easier.

Additional screen recording can be used to create other training resources that show how to use the software that your company employs, or to as part of a program to upskill employees. It really doesn’t take much to create an effective tutorial when all you need to do is record your screen and have a voiceover explaining the steps to take.

Monitor Employees and Improve Gradually

A computer monitoring system is a great tool that goes hand in hand with screen recording. With software like Controlio, you can track all of your employees computer usage – including the apps that they use, websites they visit, and how long they spend on various tasks.

That information alone will provide invaluable insights into any potential areas that may be a concern. For example you may find employees spending a lot of time on particular tasks, or when using particular software – and using screen recording to create a video about that topic may help.

Make no mistake, Controlio’s other features will come in handy too. It can create employee monitoring profiles for specific employees or groups and set up behavioral alerts too. In fact it can even capture keystrokes or screenshots at fixed intervals.


All in all it should be clear by this point hat screen recording can play a big role in helping employees with internal processes. The best part is that such tools can be found quite readily nowadays and are generally easy to use – making it a very simple to introduce to your company.

On your part all you need to do is determine exactly how you want to start using it in the first place.

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