Use Professional eCards To Inform Your Consumers About Your Services In COVID-19 Pandemic

Use Professional eCards To Inform Your Consumers About Your Services In COVID-19 Pandemic



Have you ever been in a situation where you ran out of cards or forgot to carry your virtual business card with you and therefore missed out on generating a great first impression? It happens to a large number of people.


Can you picture living in a world where you never run out of cards and always have your business card on hand? It calls into question our capacity to inform our customers about services, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, where traditional paper cards are portrayed as boring.

What Do You Mean By Virtual Business Card?

Even in our digital age, virtual business cards are timeless artifacts with a critical function. Because of their visual and tactile qualities, these cards are especially appealing in sectors where most communication takes place on screens. That is why business card trends are important.


Today's professional eCards are as inventive as ever, and our business card trends 2020 show that these items are a wonderful canvas for designers who want to stretch the boundaries of our expectations.


eCards is a service that distributes virtual business cards to your contacts. Traditional greeting cards involve a great lot of effort and have all but fallen out of favor. eCards might be an effective marketing tool for you and your organization.

What Are The Different Types Of Business Cards?

A virtual business card plays an important role as an identity of a person holding a specific designation in an organization. It is a card printed where your business’ logo, contact details, and additional information are customized and personalized according to their taste. 


There are different types of B2B digital visiting cards depending on the business designed for a specific profession or person. 


  • Business Cards for Trade: People in the trade generally have their business cards with them. The card should strive for a nice image that represents the company. If you're a baker, why don't you print the cards on bread? That is why images are so important on business cards.


  • Classic Business Card: When you don't have an innovative concept for a business card, utilize the traditional business card. Classic business cards have a very professional appearance and are often printed on a white backdrop with a conventional typeface. 


The name of the organization, address, contact number, and email ID of the individual holding the visiting card are all provided.


  • Social Business Card: A social networker's business card often reflects his communication style. The URLs of Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and other social media websites are unusually put on the card. 


Many social media professionals have utilized QR codes in the past. Many people have adopted the practice of putting QR codes on virtual business cards.


  • Professional eCards: Some businesses have profession-specific cards, such as a piano firm, which will have a piano-key card to symbolize their trade. Although these cards are referred to as professional eCards, they do not appear official and do not provide the impression of a formal or professional business card.


Use Virtual Busines Cards To Inform Your Consumers About Your Services

Professional eCards are becoming increasingly popular, both for those having a digital presence and for those looking for a more effective way to interact with their customers.


If you're still sending paper cards to your consumers, consider the various advantages that have propelled company eCards to the forefront of commemorating key events.


eCards enable you to strengthen ties with stakeholders while being more cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Clients, customers, employees, and investors, unlike traditional paper cards, can receive a customized eCard.


  • For most of us, the year 2020 has been a calamitous one. In the second wave of COVID-19, the year 2021 is already turning waves. What about cards if the social distance is the new way of life? Going virtual might be your solution for informing your consumers and clients about your exciting, valuable, and engaging services. 


  • A satisfied customer is the result of a solid connection. Clients like the personal touch, and reaching out on special occasions may make a significant impact. An eCard is a fantastic approach to establish a relationship with clients so that they would consider you for future services.


  • There is no true competition when the environmental cost of developing and printing the card, as well as the energy necessary to distribute it, is included. Ecards for businesses are far more environmentally friendly than traditional paper cards. 


Green businesses have a competitive edge over non-green businesses since being environmentally responsible is important for brand image.


  • They may also be changed up to the day of delivery, are much less expensive, and do not need the staff hours that paper cards do. They give a more complete experience and ensure that you are up to speed on current communication.

Are eCards Safe To Use?

Have you ever wondered if the card you're sending is safe if you send or receive them? Or if it's appropriate to open an ecard you receive, especially if it's from someone you know?


Scammers use social engineering to trick unsuspecting victims into sending them e-cards. Malware may be downloaded into your computer as a result of sending an e-card. Do not click on any link that leads to an adult website or one that has been contaminated with malicious software.

How To Avoid Problems With Fake eCards?

  • If you have any doubts, don't open them.


  • Remove any ecards from people you don't know. Why would someone you don't know give you a greeting card?


  • Never click on anything from an unknown source, never open an unknown source's attachment, and never download from an unknown source. (It's truly that simple!)


  • Never accept conditions from a corporation without first reading the fine print. One ecard fraud required users to agree to Terms that included the firm accessing their address book and forwarding a message to everyone in it!


  • Use and maintain antivirus software up to date. 


  • Maintain skepticism and alertness. Be careful if something appears to be suspicious. 


  • Maintain skepticism and alertness. Be careful if something appears to be suspicious. Remember that a virus might make a fake eCard appear to be from a friend or family member. So, be on the lookout.


When selecting between digital and conventional business cards, consider your target audience's needs and methods of communication. If offline events are an important part of your marketing strategy, traditional cards are a requirement.


If, on the other hand, your firm is largely concerned with the internet, you should prefer electrical designs. Ideally, you should put both options to the test to determine which one best matches your communication style and delivers the best results.


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