Using social media to boost your SEO efforts

Using social media to boost your SEO efforts
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Almost all Internet users have social media profiles. Therefore, when promoting online stores, corporate websites, and other projects, you should use it. If you work with social media properly, you can achieve high results. Our agency uses an integrated approach to promoting client projects. We use every opportunity to increase the flow of users to your web projects. In particular, SEO promotion and SMM.

Using social media for SEO website promotion

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are primarily an opportunity to get a link from a visited resource to a promoted website. Such links are practically not taken into account when search engines rank web projects. After all, if the search engines start to attach importance to them, it will lead to the fact that spammers will generate a huge number of such links.

But there are benefits for SEO promotion in social networks. Such visited sites lead to:

  • Improved indexing. It is enough to put a link from a social network to speed up the visit of a new site or page by a Google or Bing robot. At the same time, it is better to use high-frequency or medium-frequency phrases from the list of keywords in your semantic core in the text of the post.
  • Increase trust. Social networks are trusted sites. Switching from them to promoted resources inspires trust in search engines. This affects the improvement of the project's position in the search engine results.
  • Getting additional traffic. Social networks can bring targeted traffic to promoted websites. You can talk about the product on the company's Facebook page and put a link to its page on your website. The vast majority of users who click through will be ready to buy it.

How can social media help in SEO website promotion?

The SEO+SMM combination works for different websites. As practice shows, this approach can give a boost to an old website that is stuck on the second or third page of search engine results. Of course, this is not a 100% certainty. It all depends on the topic, behavioral factors, and other ranking criteria.

For new websites, contextual advertising should be added to this mix. Click-throughs from PPC ads will help you get the first metrics that search engines need to analyze a new site. But you shouldn't neglect SMM:

  • First of all. The presence of a public page will increase your site's importance in search engines. Several studies have been conducted on this topic, which directly pointed to this relationship.
  • Secondly. Who says that search engines will not start taking into account links from social networks over time? They already do so selectively. And the presence of trusted links from popular social networks will help a website grow in the search results.

In the English-speaking segment of the Internet, it is considered mandatory to use the SEO+Twitter+LinkedIn link building for websites with EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Reliability) topics. It has proved to be a good tool for promoting projects dedicated to health, personal finance, law, insurance, etc.

How to use social media to promote your project?

Social media is a powerful tool that you need to know how to use. If you use such visited platforms correctly, you can increase the authority of the promoted website not only among users but also among search engines. Modern technologies allow Google and other search engines to form an opinion about a website based on a huge number of factors. And one of the most influential factors is expertise in a particular niche. You can show that a project is worthy of users' attention not only with the help of the content published on it but also on third-party resources. Including such popular ones as social media.

High-frequency and low-frequency queries need to be analyzed. Divide them into clusters and create content of the right density for posting as a post. But it is important not to exceed the keyword frequency. If this happens, search engine algorithms may impose sanctions on such a post and it will not be seen by potential subscribers.

If there are mentions of the promoted site on social media, Google or another search engine will definitely index the resource. This is especially important for young websites. And then everything will depend on the content, user experience, and other factors.

To create a positive image of the website you are promoting in search engines, you need to:

  • Promote the group. This is especially important for corporate websites. Groups of the company or its individual products should be visited and link to the site.
  • Encourage subscribers to take active steps. Provide an opportunity to comment on posts with links to promoted resources. The more active the interaction with subscribers, the more authoritative the resources of the promoted projects will be.
  • Create conditions for reposts. This will not only help with SEO promotion but also increase traffic from social media. If you work with it properly, you can quickly turn users into customers.

Pay attention: Social media posts used for website promotion should be detailed and include keys from the semantic core of the queries being promoted. You should post such posts not only in your groups but also in thematic communities and personal accounts of opinion leaders.

Tools for interacting with SEO and SMM

The SEO-SMM combination will have an even greater effect if you use not only the strategies described above, but also special tools:

  • Optimize content for search engines. Use semantic core queries in your posts. Social media users will use them to find your text. This will help draw their attention to your public. And through it, they will get to the promoted resource. You can collect requests using various programs and services. The most popular ones are: KeyCollector, Pixel Tools, Rush Analytics, etc.
  • Promote a public or social media account with targeted advertising. This way you can "kill two birds with one stone". Increase the number of followers of your groups. By properly setting up targeted advertising, you can attract customers from your target audience. This will increase the importance of the website you are promoting. Also, don't neglect posting advertising posts in thematic groups of popular social networks.
  • Be sure to use two-way communication with your social networks. To do this, place widgets of your social networks on your website. If a visitor to your site likes a product or wants to quote content posted on your page, he or she can do so on his or her own page. This will help other users learn about your site. If this can be done with one click, then the likelihood of such a decision will increase.

Is it worth using social media for SEO website promotion?

Modern website promotion in search engines is a complex work that requires taking into account every nuance. If you want to achieve a positive result, be sure to use social media in your promotion strategies. The main thing is to use the tools provided correctly:

  • A page on a social network should be interesting for subscribers.
  • It is necessary to keep users interested in your products and brand.
  • Provide information about the company's work and additional services on social networks.

Create interesting content that will help you increase your expertise.

Social networks are not only a traffic generator, but also an opportunity to show search engines that your resource is worthy of the top of the search results.

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