Ways IT Can Be Greener and Why It Matters

Ways IT Can Be Greener and Why It Matters
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21 November 2022

IT and sustainability are incompatible. The foundation of every internet search and email sent is a server farm, which consumes a lot of resources. You will be aware of the amount of energy used and greenhouse gases (GHG) released if you have ever asked how your device was created or where your laptop goes after it is recycled. 

However, there are ways for businesses and people to use IT in a more sustainable way. Here in this article, we will discuss sustainable end user computing and why it matters.

Why sustainable IT matters

Sustainability is no longer just a catchphrase; it is a way of life that the entire globe must adopt to stop climate change. The term "sustainability" refers to a variety of actions, such as lowering our dependency on specific energy sources, reducing our GHG emissions, and altering our shopping and travel habits.

Businesses must take sustainability into account when making decisions based on their morals and obligations, from their ecological footprint to their global business practises. Then there is the cost to your organisation; only the energy used to power your IT system accounts for a sizeable portion of your overall costs.

Despite relying on technology, non-tech organisations have a tendency to waste more money than tech companies. This is so that non-tech companies can benefit from the sustainability that more advanced, intelligent technology can provide.

Importantly, while publicising your company's sustainable efforts may not lead to more cost-effective business operations, customers place a greater value on doing the right thing, therefore promoting greenness can boost your brand's reputation. It's important to keep in mind that sustainability shouldn't just be a marketing gimmick; rather, it should be integrated into your company's operations.

Ways IT can be green

Server relocation (and collocation) 

To save cooling and energy costs, make the most of your data center's area. If possible, move your servers to colder regions to cut GHG emissions by 8%.

Migration to the cloud

Economic of scale tends to make cloud energy more effective. (However, some study casts doubt on this.)

Make use of cutting-edge IT

Because of their big size and excessive heat output, legacy systems frequently demand more electricity and more cooling. You can release assets that are no longer needed with the aid of tools like BMC Discovery.

High Efficiency computers

Encourage people to use and buy computers with high energy efficiency ratings. Organizations like Number Seven Certified and Energy Star evaluate and certify equipment for its sustainability and efficiency.

Discuss with team

Allow each team to decide which options are most suited to meet their needs. According to the Stanford study, teams would save more energy when they are given the freedom to choose their options rather than being forced to do something.

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