We Are The Solution for Your Digital Parenting!

We Are The Solution for Your Digital Parenting!
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23 November 2023

Parenting is a challenging job and it can never be the same for everyone, different parents have different ways of parenting but what we cannot ignore is that in today’s online world, every child is active on the internet for some reason or the other. From researching for study-related work to just chilling on social media, kids are totally relying on technology. 

Children should be well informed about the guidelines in both the real and virtual world. There are certain boundaries that need to be set in both scenarios. Have you ever thought of “digital parenting”? Well, in today’s times where kids are mostly active on the internet, does it mean that you should also upgrade from traditional parenting to the digital one? 

Traditional Parenting VS Digital Parenting: Which One Is Right?

How to raise your child is your personal choice but which one would you choose in today’s times when there is so much exposure to technology? Traditional parenting meant the way parents used to raise their children for many years without changing any patterns but today times have changed and in the era where everything is digital so should be the parenting style. 

This style of parenting is a more reliable and relaxed approach for both parents and children. It not only suffocates children where parents are constantly with them all the time, eyeing on everything the kids do but it creates a stressful environment for parents also because children don’t want to be looked after all the time but their kids’ safety is any parent’s top priority. 

For instance, when your child makes a mistake, with traditional parenting you would heavily punish your child, like you might stop them from going out to play or won’t let them watch their favorite cartoon, whereas in digital parenting, you would use logical discussion as the problem solver which will also include making your child understand things in a more practical way with highlighting the consequences of things they do. 

Parental Control Apps for Digital Parenting

Digital parenting lets you remotely look after your child and if used wisely, it can reduce your stress also as parents. There are parental control apps that are available on the internet that you can download and use to track your child. These apps let you set some limitations on your child’s phone so that they do not end up viewing any inappropriate content or don’t misuse technology in any other form.

Kids today have smartphones for many reasons. A phone spy app lets you see all the online activities that your child does on their phone. This is a more relaxed way to look after your child and make them understand where they need to be more cautious and set boundaries. Using a spy app, you can track your child’s calls, photos and videos on their phone, their live-location, and listen to their surrounding sounds when they are away from you. The app also lets you monitor their social media and web browsing history. Let us explain how these features add value to your parenting. 

The Spy Apps for Android & Their Features

The monitoring apps are simple yet effective tools for modern parenting. Most spy app for android is also compatible with iOS devices and offer great features. Onemonitar is a parental control app that is designed for people who want to look after their loved ones, especially parents who want to keep an eye on their children. The app provides more than 50 features and some of them are exclusively available only in Onemonitar that no other mobile spy offers its users. 

It has the hidden call recorder feature that enables users to listen to the calls of the target person and shares all the details of the caller also, like their name and number, basically you can note everything you see on that phone, even the duration of the call. 

You can also track social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and see who your kid is adding to their account, who they are chatting with and if they are sharing anything sensitive or inappropriate with people online. You can even use the WhatsApp tracker to monitor your child’s WhatsApp account and know who they are interacting with, if they are in touch with people whom you do not recognize and check what media is being exchanged. 

For times when your child is away from you and you want to know their whereabouts, you can use the GPS tracker to locate them. There is also an ambient sound recording feature that allows you to listen to the surrounding sounds of your child, this is useful for times when they are not responding to your calls and messages, you can track their location while simultaneously listening to their nearby sounds. 

In The End

Being a step ahead when it comes to raising your child is where digital parenting is required and with the right mobile spy app, you can keep up with everything your child is doing even without informing them. 

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