Web 2 to Web 3 Game Development: How to Incorporate Web 3 Features into Your Web 2 Game?

Web 2 to Web 3 Game Development: How to Incorporate Web 3 Features into Your Web 2 Game?
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16 November 2022

Technological advancement has altered the way the game played that blockchain has provided. Decentralized games have given more attractive gameplay as compared to older ones. 

Now, there is a wise choice to make for veteran gamers, and it is that they can convert their web2 games into web3 games. Before knowing that let us see the things, you should know.

What Distinguishes Web2 From Web3 Gaming?

Games on Web2 have more restrictions than games on Web3. Web3 games use numerous servers, whereas web2 games depend on a single server. Additionally, adding player-focused features to web2 games is more challenging.

Web2 Vs Web3 Games

Web2 Games.: 

Unlike decentralized games, where players have full ownership, these games restrict who can own what in-game items.

Web3 Games: 

Web3 gives users more control over their experience by allowing them to own tokens, trade them, and use them on various platforms. Because blockchains are more difficult to hack than a single central network, Web3 provides total security.

In contrast to Web2, which allows actors and developers to keep all profits, Web3 allows players to make money through NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other means. Your financial and personal data is completely secure and private.

How Can Web2 To Web3 Gaming Be Upgraded?

1: In-Game Assets’ Tokenization

One of the best aspects of web3 games that draw in more players is tokens. Developers may now begin to implement a system for integrating tokens.

Tokenizing resources like avatars, weapon upgrades, maps, and treasure chests will allow them to achieve this. Players can then trade or sell these tokens as they see fit.

2: Transform Games Into NFTs

By converting their games into NFTs, web2 gaming companies can transition to web3. Long-term gains for both players and developers will result from this. As a result, online gamers will have the ability to create gaming communities.

3: Develop Games Possessing NFT Traits

The addition of NFTs will transform web2 gaming from being routine to having a distinct appeal that web3 gaming possesses. 

These NFTs might be incorporated into the game as restricted features that would only be accessible at advanced levels. Web2 games will then be revived, as a result, building a connection between the two.

Wrapping Up!

Web2 to Web3 game development will possess more benefits, which is what gamers are looking forward to. The veteran ones will be hoping to get their gameplay back from those days into the newly incorporated features of Web3 that enable them to earn money. So get a game development company and lure them back.


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