What are the Common Causes of Floating Cracks in Car Windows?

What are the Common Causes of Floating Cracks in Car Windows?
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Windscreens are believed to be more susceptible to deep rock chips, debris impact, or even complete blow-out. The term automotive glass repair automatically forces our minds to think about windscreens and their associated problems. However, side windows in a car are as vulnerable to nicks and cracks as windscreens, and you must never overlook this part. These windows, like a windscreen, are designed to withstand the usual rigors of driving, but what if something unusual happens? They will surely get affected, and the most common damage is a floating crack.

A floating crack can be caused by numerous things like a rock hitting the window or debris impact. However, taking care of it makes more sense! We have compiled the common causes of floating cracks in car windows that you should know. Keep reading to learn more!

Common Causes of Floating Cracks in Car Windows:

A damaged car window or windscreen poses safety hazards and is illegal to drive. A floating crack is probably the most common damage you will see in the industry. Whether you want to repair or replace the damaged part, you better understand the reasons leading to this problem. It will help you stay on the safer side next time. Here are a few reasons you must know about it!

1. Inexplicable incidents:

A car window can occasionally break virtually by itself, for example, when the door of the car is shut firmly. Even though these occurrences may seem unexplained, they result from unattended harm. All glass services should be performed professionally because this damage might result from careless installation.

However, most glass-shattering accidents, like this fictitious instance, occur when a chip or tiny crack jeopardizes the integrity of the glass. The glass can eventually break suddenly as the damage progresses during routine car use, making it more susceptible to pressure.

2. Break-ins:

We all know about this issue, and no need to explain it in detail. Vandalism and break-ins often affect a car's paint job and cause a floating crack on car windows. It often happens when you leave your car unattended – especially at a place where there is no surveillance. Why choose a parking space where you can make your car a more difficult target for such break-ins?

Car breakers will never choose a car located in a well-lit parking lot close to the general public. Moreover, you should also avoid leaving your valuable belongings like mobile phones and laptops to avoid break-ins. In case you have already faced a break-in and drove your car around with a floating crack, it's time to contact professional car window replacement London specialists to help you out!

3. Overheating:

Overheating can also cause floating cracks on car windows, and many might not know about it. Even though the glass used in automobiles is among the toughest in the industry, all glass is vulnerable to heat pressure as temperatures fluctuate. In rare instances, extreme heat might result in breaking.

Your windows are most vulnerable to heat damage if you leave them in a hot climate for a long time before turning on the air conditioner and exposing them to low temperatures. Being a wise car owner, you should search for a suitable parking slot if you intend to leave your car for more than two hours.

4. Major accidents:

Road accidents are inescapable, and a slight mistake can lead to chaos. One of the most frequent reasons for cracked windows is accidents. The impact can bend the window frame sufficiently or put pressure on the window to break or shatter the glass, even at modest speeds.

Your vehicle's glass will often be damaged in side and diagonal hits, while rear strikes can also cause window damage. To lower the chance of an accident, drive carefully at all times, especially at crossroads. If you already have a floating crack on your car window, it's high time you contact car window replacement companies to replace it with a new one!

5. Debris impact:

Debris affects not only your windscreen but also your side windows, and you must be watchful. The dust and debris can be hurled at your car through high winds, leaving cracks on your windscreen and windows. Moreover, debris dropped from trees and overhead structures harm your car.

Rock chips brought about by gravel, and other little, hard debris are the most widely recognized culprit of scratches and chips in auto glass. Construction zones are risky spots to drive, and it would be best to reduce your speed to a minimum to avoid such incidents.

Restore the structural integrity of your car!

Taking care of your windscreen or windows can help restore your car's structural integrity. The damages caused by various things like rocks, debris, or accidents can make your car look outdated and deteriorated. However, car window replacement and repair specialists can help restore your car's look by fixing the damages. Call them today!

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