What are the recommended bed sheets? Introducing how to choose and care.

What are the recommended bed sheets? Introducing how to choose and care.
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29 September 2022


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There are various types of bed sheets, and you may be wondering what kind of sheets are recommended. This time, we will introduce the points of how to choose for those who are lost in choosing bed sheets. We will also explain the selection criteria, points to check, and how to care for them, so please use them when choosing sheets.

What are the recommended conditions for bed sheets?

As a condition of recommended bed sheets, let's pay attention to " whether it has excellent breathability and water absorption " and " whether it has heat retention ". People become sleepy when their body temperature drops, so sweating while sleeping makes it easier to fall asleep. If you use sheets with insufficient breathability and water absorption, you will feel stuffy, and your body will feel too cold, hindering a good night's sleep.

Bed sheets | What is the recommended selection?

From here, we will explain how to choose specific bed sheets. Please choose while considering the points that you consider essential.

Choose by size

Choose the size of the bed sheet according to the size of the mattress, such as single, double, or queen. Depending on the type of sheets, using sheets that are too small or too big may cause wrinkles or misalignment, making it uncomfortable to sleep on.

Choose by sheet type.

There are many types of sheets, but choosing the right type for your mattress is essential. "Box type" and "flat type" sheets are suitable for beds, and each has different characteristics.

Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet is, as the name suggests, a sheet with a box-shaped gusset. Since the bottom has rubber around the entire circumference, you can easily make a bed by simply putting the four corners of the mattress together and covering it. It can be attached firmly along the mattress, so you don't have to worry about it coming off when you sleep or turn over. Another advantage of 25cm fitted sheets is that you don't need to make frequent adjustments.

Flat sheets

A flat sheet is a simple cloth sheet. It can be used as both a futon and a mattress and has the advantage of being neatly folded for easy storage, washing, and handling. Making a bed may seem complicated, but once you get used to it, you'll be able to keep your bed neat and wrinkle-free. Another point is that many products are more reasonable than fitted sheets.

Choose by material

Sheets are made of various materials, and you can choose the texture you like. Depending on the season, it would be nice to change the feeling of use, such as smooth silk or polyester, terry cloth that absorbs sweat and moisture, or soft gauze.

Choose by colour or design.

The colour and design of the sheets are also important to point out. In addition to sheets, you can create an image of the room by combining it with bedding, interior decoration, furniture, etc., and create a harmonious atmosphere. Especially in compact rooms, the colour and design of the bed, which occupies a large proportion of the space, tends to impact the interior significantly. Choose your favourite colour or pattern that matches your image.

Choose by functionality

It is also recommended to choose sheets with convenient functions. Some sheets combine various functions, such as a cooling type that is perfect for summer and nights when it is difficult to sleep, an antibacterial and anti-mite type if you are concerned about odors and mites, and a type that combines sheets and pads. Find out what is essential in sheets and beds, and choose according to your concerns and preferences.

By purpose! What are the recommended bed sheets?

We will introduce bed sheets that we recommend for each purpose. If you have a clear purpose, please refer to this.

Feels good on the skin

Highly absorbent 100% cotton, soft and warm microfiber, highly breathable linen (hemp) recommended for summer, and moisturizing silk.

Also, what kind of thread is used is a point. The thread texture in the sheets varies depending on the type and thickness; in many cases, it is labelled as "40" or "60". The higher the number, the finer the thread and numbers 80 and above are used for high-end products. Even if it is 100% cotton, the feeling of use differs depending on the thread, so be sure to check before choosing.

Can handle hot and cold weather

Depending on the feeling of use, there is also a type that can handle hot and cold sheets. Let's choose each season according to your favourite feeling of use.

If you want warmth

Sheets with excellent heat retention are recommended in the chilly season. There is terry cloth with a soft and fluffy feel, microfiber with heat retention, and flannel that feels like a soft blanket.

If you want cool

Cool sheets are recommended for hot summer days. Some types have an excellent feel to the fabric itself, types that release sweat and moisture, and types that have a built-in cooling gel. The sleeping comfort varies depending on the type, so if possible, it is a good idea to check at the store before purchasing.

You can rest assured about hygiene.

If you want to keep it as clean as possible, choose sheets with antibacterial and anti-mite functions. It is especially recommended for those concerned about allergies and families with small children. If you live in a humid area or have a lot of night sweats, you may want to use sheets with anti-mildew properties.

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