How to dress baby for sleeping in winter and summer?

How to dress baby for sleeping in winter and summer?
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29 August 2022

A Baby's sleep is sacred! Beyond the position, it is important to pay attention to the way the baby is dressed to promote cloudless nights. What are the recommendations to follow depending on the temperatures? Which are the errors to avoid? Everything you need to know to dress your baby correctly when he's getting ready to sleep, whether in winter or summer.

How to dress a baby on cold winter nights?

Your baby must be well covered when he sleeps to prevent him from getting sick and preserve his sleep quality. He must indeed feel warm to sleep peacefully.

  • A sleepsuit

The sleepsuit is undoubtedly the best type of clothing to dress a baby for sleeping. This garment is a jumpsuit covering the baby from the shoulders to the end of the feet and closes at the crotch with press studs. Its winter version is often available in velvet, a thick and warm material perfect for cold nights.

You can dress the baby in a sleepsuit to sleep until your child is two years old.

  • Bodysuits Bodysuits

are small overalls that do not cover the legs and have short or long sleeves. In winter, they can be added under the sleepsuit.

  • A bra

The bra for babies is a small mesh top with sleeves buttoned in the back and looks like a cardigan. Thanks to its warm material (wool, acrylic), it is very useful during very cold nights at home. The bra is also almost systematically requested on the lists of things to bring to the maternity ward. Babies born in winter often wear them for a few days after birth while their bodies learn to regulate their temperature.

The bra is worn over a bodysuit and under pyjamas, not over pyjamas.

  • A sleeping bag, sleeping bag or sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is the second ally of a baby's night. It is a kind of large sleeping bag in which we slip baby at night. The 0.5 tog sleeping bag can be equipped with simple straps or removable sleeves, depending on the model.

A sleeping bag keeps babies warm during the night (babies sometimes move a lot at night and the sleeping bag prevents them from uncovering themselves) but also guarantees their safety. Indeed, using a classic blanket or small duvet is dangerous because they can move at night and increase the risk of suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome.

The sleeping bag that will dress the baby for sleeping should be chosen with care. It should not be too big to prevent the baby from slipping inside.

Like the baby swaddle wrap.

How to dress a baby to sleep in summer?

Dressing baby at night in summer must meet the same objectives as in winter: to promote the baby's comfort so that he sleeps, if possible, without discomfort or interruption.

The temperature of his room should guide the choice of clothing:

Mean temperature Adapted outfit
27°C and above Diaper
26°C Short sleeve bodysuit
24-25°C Short-sleeved bodysuit + light sleeping bag

Some additional advice on swaddle sleeping bags.

Here are some things to consider when making the right choices regarding swaddle sleeping bag clothes.

  • Choice of materials

Synthetics are not suitable for babies fragile skin. Choose natural and breathable materials such as cotton and linen. In winter, bodysuits with wool or velvet will be ideal.

  • Knowing if the baby is well dressed for the night

To know if the baby is well dressed for sleeping and is neither too hot nor too cold, you will need to monitor his temperature. A baby who sleeps well is a baby whose stomach is relatively warm and whose feet are a little cooler. If these two parts are cold, it will be necessary to add a thickness. Conversely, if both parts are hot, one will have to be removed. As a reminder, a baby should not be covered excessively in order to limit the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

If you are Imperial Rooms about a baby's sleeping clothes, do not hesitate to ask for advice.


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