What are the two types of advertisements, and how are they important

What are the two types of advertisements, and how are they important
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A question for all the social media marketing who wish to promote their businesses on a whole new level, what do you think is the most suitable type of advertising? Persuasive advertising or informative advertising? Even if you aren't a social media marketer, you might have been introduced to these two advertisements before, right? In case you haven't, allow us to provide you with a detailed analysis of the two different types of ads, that are persuasive and informative advertisements, and let us paint a picture of how beneficial it is to use both kinds of advertising. But for that, all that you need to do is continue reading the information mentioned below and observe us outline the difference between the two in the easiest way there is!

All that you need to know about informative advertising:

If you are among those people who believe in speaking straightforwardly and stating facts in the most direct way possible, informative advertising is the one for you! Informative advertising relies on facts and figures. This advertisement allows the PPC agency to focus on the product rather than distracting the audience with celebrities or other marketing tactics. Such ads talk about the product's attributes, its features and highlight all the possible advantages of buying your company's products or availing of your services. These ads might even showcase discounted offers and package deals such as 'buy one get one free' recommendations to attract the customer's attention most conveniently. Sounds pretty easy.

What about persuasive advertising?

In this form of advertising, your social media marketing agency might allow you to hire different celebrities, models, or influencers who would appear in your video commercial or online ad and persuade the audience to purchase your product or avail of your services. This type of marketing focuses on captivating the consumers and engaging them to the extent that they wish to try out your products or services as soon as possible. It is an undeniable fact that celebrities and influencers have a high follower count, and those followers are, sometimes, blind as well, but metaphorically. Those blind followers will rely on anything and everything stated by their favorite celebrity. That is precisely why social media influencer marketing is a popular type of advertising! Persuasive advertising uses various techniques to appeal to the logical, emotional, and ethical sides of our decision-making process. Eventually, the advertiser's persuasion successfully convinces us to buy the products immediately! 


In summary, both forms of advertising are equally beneficial for that hat brand that has to market its products or services online. The final choice depends on the company itself, whether it wishes to opt for informative advertising or persuasive advertising for online marketing. Both are advantageous in their own way. If you wish to try out your luck with these two types of advertising, contact us now at ringomedia.co right away!

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