What is a Mindful Trader? — review

What is a Mindful Trader? — review
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03 January 2023

The Mindful dealer is an alert program designed for swing dealers using stocks and
options. The capabilities of the platform are very different from those of its counterparts.
The primary distinction is that the service offers more than just stock and option dealing
alerts. Ferguson provides a thorough insight into the market situation to the dealer. The
use of actual deals, as an illustration, makes this point the clearest. Every transaction
that Ferguson has ever made, including current deals, is listed in this section. These
details include the entry and exit points, stop-loss price, maximum hold period, position
size, and other information.
A number of significant elements are present in Mindful dealer's alerts for dealing
stocks and options.
The watch list must first be updated to include all the assets mentioned in the alerts.
In other words, the dealer must already be monitoring them and be familiar with the
market's current situation. However, this is an idealized example. In actuality, a sizable
amount of dealers who do not wish to comprehend dealing fundamentals employ the
Ferguson service. They simply mimic his deals using his signals, and they profit
handsomely. Second, keep in mind that swing dealing is Eric Ferguson's only activity. It
is not required that your entry fee exactly match Ferguson's price stated in the
announcement due to this reason. In actuality, this is a significant benefit over intraday
If a dealer trades during a single day, the minimal price spread is theoretically
significant to him, therefore he should copy a deal based on an alert as quickly as
possible. Third, the Mindful Trader watch list can be used as a source of knowledge,
while a favorable market environment will be the driving force behind placing a deal. In
other words, you can deal with stocks and options without having to wait for Ferguson to
alert you about them by using his watch list. The prices on the market are often better
when they first open than the anticipated entrance price.
However, as they are based on the actual deal entry price, the stop-loss level and
target value must also be modified.
In accordance with current US law, Eric Ferguson can perform financial operations
thanks to a complete set of supporting documentation. He formally offers notifications
regarding dealing stocks and options as well as education and training on dealing
strategies, all for which he is paid. All of Ferguson's operations, including tax reporting,
are completely public.
There are no controversies or facts regarding Eric Ferguson's failure to uphold his
duties to clients throughout that time, and the service has been in operation for two
years. He produces a routinely updated watch list, adds alerts and strategies, and
updates the newsletter. Additionally, he frequently hosts instructional sessions. The
Mindful dealer platform is so trustworthy and reliable.

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