What is Anxiety?

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What is anxiety? It is the feeling of helplessness when you do not know what is going around. You may be helpless; you may want to shout out loud, but you will feel like no one in the entire world can listen to you.

You want to be able to do so much in life but still feel it slipping away right before your eyes. It’s like going to the beach and feeling the sand disappearing from under the soles of your feet. You can do nothing to stop it. No matter how hard you dig your feet in, it will be like it was
never there in the first place.

Some people will tell you everything will be okay or that there is nothing you need to worry about, but you will know in your heart that everything hangs loosely in the balance, like Jenga. You may do all you can to ensure the tower does not fall, but with every step you take, the piece
you pull out will feel like it is your last. People with anxiety are so scared of disrupting the balance that they forget why they built it in the first place. They forget that even if everything comes crashing down, you can always begin again. Nobody has the ability to take anything away from you. You are allowed to make as many mistakes as you can. There are many ways to keep you from overthinking and thus panicking, and one of them is meditation.

A lot of people think meditation is nothing but sitting idly for hours and breathing really loudly, but that’s not it. Meditating is just another way to heal your mind and train yourself to think about positive things in life. It is just like working out to maintain your body; that is what meditation is for the mind.

Meditation soothes you; it gives you a sense of balance, mentally and emotionally. It teaches you the importance of taking some time out for yourself, something which has suddenly become very challenging to do nowadays. It slows you down and allows you to analyze your life,
where you take a moment to evaluate your feelings, to not bury them to the point where your heart can’t take it anymore. Meditation helps you refocus and take your mind off the negative thought or, even better, turn them into positive affirmations. It is meant to calm you down and help you
learn how to keep your inner peace. It is imperative that you learn how to figure out what is going on in your heart and your head before you run off into the world without a clue. You may be able to deal with certain things now, but there will be times when you are all on your own trying to
figure out where you came from and, more importantly, where you were headed in the first place.

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