What Is Drill Rod Made Of?

What Is Drill Rod Made Of?
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10 February 2023

Whether you are looking for a high-speed steel drill rod or a round bar, you've come to the right place. We have all the information you need to find the perfect metal for your next project.

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Round bar

Basically, a round bar is a long cylindrical metal bar. It can be manufactured in various diameters and shapes. This metal is commonly used in various applications. It can be made in a variety of materials and metals, such as steel and brass. It also can be customized, allowing for custom ID and OD.

Drill rod with drilling bucket is a round metal bar stock that is used for a variety of applications. It is often tempered before machining, and can be used to manufacture a wide variety of tools. It is available in a wide range of materials, including tool steel and stainless steel. It has a hardness of 96 to 110 rb. It can also be heat treated.

During the manufacturing process, the rod is tempered in order to harden it, which makes it more durable. It is then quenched in water or oil to cool it. It can also be heat treated to restore its hardness.

Here are some prices for 3-foot lengths of oil-hardening drill rod from the 2003 Enco catalog: (When comparing prices to other materials, note that this chart is for 3-ft lengths)

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High-speed steel

Often used in the manufacturing of punches, drills, files, reamers, and punches, drill rods are manufactured from tool steel. They are often tempered before machining and are typically round or square in shape. A variety of different grades of tool steel are used to manufacture drill rods.

Some grades of tool steel are semi-stainless. Others are air-hardening, oil-hardening, or water-hardening. Each type of drill rod has distinct properties, and it is important to choose the right grade of tool steel for your project.

M2 tool steel drill rod is one of the most popular grades of high speed steel. It has great wear resistance, is heat-resistant, and has good toughness. It is also one of the easiest high-speed steels to grind casing joint. It is usually manufactured for general-purpose applications and for use in the shop.


Whether you need a hardened drill rod for a cutting tool or a reamer, you can find a wide range of options. Drill rods come in different grades and diameters, and they are usually made from tool steels. These grades have their own properties and characteristics, such as hardness, wear resistance, machinability and resistance to temperature shocks.

The hardest type of drill rod is the air-hardened type. The tool steel used to manufacture these rods is more durable, and they have a high alloy content. They also offer superior machinability and resistance to abrasion. However, they do not have as much wear resistance as oil-hardened rods.

Besides the hardness, air-hardening drill rods have high compressive strength and good dimensional stability after hardening. They also have a high alloy content, making them more durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.


Typically, drill rods come in various grades. They are made from tool steels, which have properties that can make them useful for various applications. Some of these properties include high machinability, toughness, and resistance to abrasion and temperature shocks. Some drill rods have less alloy content, which makes them easier to machine segment casings. These rods are typically used for machining, welding, and for making drill bits. They are also used for manufacturing shafts, reamers, and dowel pins.

There are different kinds of drill rods, including air-hardening, water-hardening, and oil-hardening. Air-hardening drill rods have high alloy content, and they can be left to harden in still air. Water-hardening drill rods have less alloy content, which means they are easier to machine. They are also less likely to distort. Oil-hardening drill rods are also more durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.


Generally, a drill rod is made from tool steel. These types of tools are used in the manufacture of various items, such as punches, dowel pins, and shafts. Depending on the tool steel used, the hardness of the drill rod will vary.

A drill rod is available in various diameters, from 1/16'' to 2''. There are various kinds of drill rods, and each is designed to be used for a particular purpose. These include drill rods made from oil hardening, water hardening, and air hardening.

Air hardening drill rods are the toughest tool steels. They are also known for their maximum wear resistance. They are also used to produce special tools. These types of tools are used in many different industries, including construction, automotive, and manufacturing. They are ideal for long production runs, and can be used to make tools that are highly resistant to wear.

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