What is PU leather? All-In-One Overview of Latest PU Leather !!

PU leather (Abbreviated from Polyurethane) is one of the most commonly used artificial leather in the production of leather jackets, leather shoes, handbags, interior surfaces. With the advantage of being affordable, good quality, it is easy to choose colors as well as choose the right size that genuine leather like sheepskin, goat skin, cow leather ... do not have.

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

Whether you go shopping for shoes, handbags, or leather clothing, people all mention PU leather and tell a lot of its outstanding properties, but most of you do not understand this skin as well as I don't know how to use it or store it well. So let us find out details about PU leather offline

1. What is Pu Pu?
2. Origin of PU leather
3. The basic properties of PU leather
3.1. Advantages of PU leather
3.2. Cons of PU leather:
5. Applications of PU leather in life
5.1. Application of PU leather in fashion industry
5.2. Application of PU leather in shoe production
5.3. Application of PU leather in furniture products
5.4. Application for other manufacturing industries
6. How to preserve products from PU leather
7. How to clean and overcome some problems of PU leather
7.1. Skin hygiene PU
7.2. Fix Pu skin foul
8. Differentiate Pu leather from genuine leather
8.1. Differentiate PU leather by specific smell
8.2. Look at skin surface
8.3. Water repellency
8.4. Check the label
8.5. Touching the skin surface
9. Confusion between PU leather and PU coated leather
10. How much is PU leather?
11. Where should I buy PU leather?
PU leather is an artificial leather (Simili) made from split leather (the fibrous part of real leather) and covered with a layer of Polyurethane on the surface. Soft PU leather similar to genuine leather, is waterproof, durable. Therefore, PU leather is widely applied in the production of fashion and interior items: leather clothing, shoes, belts, wallets, bags, tables and chairs, sofas, seat cushions Oto ...

Simili is the common name for the current leatherette products, in addition to other names such as faux leather, pleather. Simili is made from a lining fabric, usually knitted with polyester yarn, then it will be dyed from one to two layers of plastic to create the link between the cloth and the plastic layer. It will then be passed through the suspension process to create a pattern on the product surface. Finally, simili will be treated surface, stained to make the product more beautiful and more smooth.

However, PU leather also has many different qualities, PU leather from Japan is the most advanced but very rare on the market today. Followed by Thai and Indonesian PU leather is also quite good quality. Vietnam PU leather is not very good quality. Some famous PU leather manufacturers in the world are: Clarino, Fabrikoid Kydex, Lorica, MB - Tex, ...

2. ORIGIN OF PU leather
In the early years of the 15th century, some countries in the world knew how to use real leather fibers to make the first fake leather products. However, it has not been applied much because the quality and durability cannot be compared with genuine leather.

What is PU leather? All-in-one overview of the latest PU leather !! Over time, more fabric ideas have been combined with other substances to make the fabric more durable and more functional.

In Italy in the 1900s there was a process of polishing on fabric. PU resin was developed by Dr. Otto Bayer in 1937 at IG Farben Laboratory, a subsidiary of Bayer Corporation, in Leverkusen, Germany. Next, the Germans H. Staudinger outlined his thesis and proved experimentally.

PU artificial leather was manufactured in the United States in the 1940s. During World War II, PU coatings were used for paper impregnation and production of anti-choke garments, chemical-resistant coatings for Protect metal, wood and weapons.

By about 1960 began cloth covered with plastic. Made for car cushions and seats, leather fashion applications, developed in conjunction with the real leather industry.

Much later, with the development of chemical engineering, it was known to combine fabric with original PU leather to create superior PU leather products, but with the flammable nature of PU leather (Because PVC material) affects human health, so it took until the end of the twentieth century for PU leather to be applied more.

To this day, the popular leatherette material made from PVC and PU leather is itself. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) leather appears before the PU leather is created by separating the hydrogen molecule in the vinyl group and replacing with the chlorid group. It is then combined with several other chemicals to create a very durable material.

Although https://thuybich.com/da-pu-la-gi/ like PVC leather very much, it doesn't really impress tailors as well as stylists. That's because it's not really true and even sticks together in warm weather. Another minus is that it is waterproof.

In addition, in terms of environment and health, PVC material also emits dioxin, which is dangerous when burnt and uses extremely toxic plastic. PVC leather was no longer used as much as the 1960s and 1970s.

However, with the commonly used PU leather today is more resistant to dirt and very easy to clean. Moreover, it also flies more slowly even under direct light. In particular, PU also releases less toxic substances into the environment than PVC.

As a material, the synthetic version of reality, PU leather has many advantages, with properties similar to genuine leather such as having high durability, good handle feel and easy maintenance.

The PU leather is very flexible and when pulled, you will feel slightly stretched like a rubber band. This makes PU leather popular for producing high elasticity items such as upholstery, seat covers, etc.

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

In terms of performance, waterproof PU leather can be dry-cleaned, soft and supple and lighter than real leather. For regular use, this type of leather is very good because it can be easily cleaned, whether it is stains or grease.

Its surface is easy to adjust and can look so perfect that even skin experts will find it difficult to tell the difference from real leather without cutting across the skin.

Soft, easy to clean, easy to store
Rich colors, high aesthetics
Fairly high durability (inferior to genuine leather)
Waterproof, scratch resistant
Applied to produce many different products
The price of Pu leather is not half that of genuine leather
Protect the animals
Lighter than genuine leather
Do not tolerate excessive temperatures
Use does not like genuine leather
Affect the environment
Persistent, flammable
When you first buy products made from Pu leather, it will smell like plastic
Easy to explode and peeling
Thicker than real leather
Because Pu leather has no less aesthetic than genuine leather and reasonable price, PU leather has been applied a lot in manufacturing industries.

From the characteristics and properties of PU leather, they are used in many different industries such as fashion with many products such as bags, wallets, belts, etc. However, shirts and shoes are not recommended to use materials. This is because of their poor ventilation.

Especially in the automotive industry, where PU leather is the interior finishing material of choice for manufacturers like Range Rover and major automakers.

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

With the increasing demand for high-end fashion products as well as very limited materials for genuine leather, manufacturers have used high-grade PU leather to apply production to products such as bags, wallets. leather, belt, clothes, bag, backpack ...

Not only is it durable, soft and colorful, PU leather is also relatively cheap, only 1/3 -> 1/4 compared to genuine leather. So you can see the bags, leather wallets, backpacks made from PU leather that cost only a few hundred thousand dong. And the capital of the PU leather industry can be mentioned as China, where traders often Oder goods to Vietnam to sell.

With the natural climate of Vietnam being hot, humid, rainy, transportation is still mainly by motorbikes, therefore, PU leather is once again introduced by footwear manufacturers as a source. main material. The shoes from PU leather have a shiny surface, waterproof, soft and also only from a few hundred thousand

Not only that, the shoes from high quality PU leather do not smell, unpleasant like normal PVC leather shoes. This is one of the reasons that PU leather is mainly used in footwear

With the advantages of shiny leather surface, sweat-proof, water-proof, rich surface color, easy to clean, PU leather is the only material that can meet the rigorous requirements of this sector. Products such as; car seats, Salon chairs, and furniture that need to be covered with surfaces mostly use PU leather.

In addition to the above-mentioned main industries, PU leather is also used for the production of notebook covers, books, luxury furniture, seat cushions, etc.

There, do you see it? PU leather has been one of the production materials you see everywhere, from shoes, bags, belts to household furniture. But many of you have not yet learned about how to use and preserve when using products from PU leather, do not ignore this useful information right below !!

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

It must be acknowledged that PU leather is very good, very durable and suitable for the weather conditions in Vietnam, but if we have the wrong use and storage of these products, it can not keep the product durable. Yes, apply the following immediately to keep your PU leather products durable!

Pu leather is not suitable for high temperatures, so try to avoid direct sunlight or hot PU leather places
Do not use harsh cleansers as this will damage the outer layer of light
Only wipe with a soft cloth and dry in a shady place
Products that are briefcases, backpacks or bags should not be overly stretched to make the skin loose
Need to be cleaned regularly to keep skin clean and shiny
You should use continuously to keep the skin beautiful.
When not in use, keep a desiccant and the core of the bag or shoes to keep the skin from wrinkling and keep the shoes in good condition
For shirts, pants using PU leather should not be folded, just dried and then hung flat to avoid skin blisters and be careful not to put clothes in a cabinet with lots of moisture
What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

7.1. PU leather CLEANING
For products to be durable, remember to refer to these ways to keep PU leather durable, shiny.

If Pu skin is a bit dirty, get a soft, absorbent cloth and squeeze it, then wipe it on the skin surface, then expose it to an airy place.
If Pu skin is dirty, you can wash it by hand with normal soap like other items, in case you need a brush, you can get a soft toothbrush to avoid scratching the surface of the skin.
Due to the hot and humid weather in Vietnam, shoes, shirts, leather bags are also often foul, to handle the odor you can use the following method.

Use aromatic essential oil mixed with water and then spray on the shirt. The scent will eliminate the odor in your shirt. If you do not have essential oils, you can use fabric softener to wipe well.
You can expose to the sun for a while and then put in the shade. The sun will eliminate some of the bacteria that cause odor.
You can wash to eliminate odors
If it is a new product, you will be able to smell the unique plastic smell of PU leather, only after a period of time will it disappear.

If it is genuine leather, there will be imperfections but PU leather is different, because it is manufactured on a technological line so the surface of PU leather is very perfect and delicate. In addition, you can see patterns and patterns because Pu leather will be printed by industrial technology so that the lines are exactly the same in size and distance.

Pu leather has a layer of Polyurethane to waterproof. And genuine leather is quite absorbent.

If the product you are going to buy is made of PU leather, there will be the words "Manmade Materials" (artificial material)

If it is Pu leather, you will feel smooth but supple and have good elasticity, it is certainly fake leather

The above is a summary of all knowledge about PU leather and its application as well as how to preserve products using PU leather, you can refer to choosing a suitable product as well as knowing how to preserve the product. durable.

PU leather does not use real leather, PU leather is made from a fabric layer on the bottom and the upper PU layers create adhesion and create the surface of leather products.

Used in this type of skin as a skin surface finishing layer, to hide imperfections, scratches, scars on real skin to give real skin a glossy surface. PU coated leather has a higher price than PU leather because it is still genuine leather, although PU leather also has lost some of its real leather.

What is PU leather? Overview of latest PU leather !!

Whether it is a real leather material or a PU leather, there are different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs and preferences of each person, there are their own choices. However, it is necessary to be fully equipped with leather knowledge and buying mind to avoid confusion between genuine leather products or being used for bad guys to redeem personal benefits.

According to market reference, the price of PU leather is higher than that of Simili industrial leather material and lower than Microfiber leather sofa. Their prices range from ... Customers who want to buy small soft PU leather should contact the suede supply units or sofa factories. Because when they produce the sofa, they have a lot of flakes. Meanwhile, the price of PU leather will be smaller, more cost-effective than buying large pieces of leather sold as standard.

Saigon and Hanoi is one of the units with sofa factories and a very large system of leather sample warehouse. In Hanoi market, we have the most diverse sample warehouse system currently. We offer a lot of different leather patterns. All kinds of color codes and patterns for customers to choose. Thanks to the agent system and imported directly from the factory, the price of PU leather at Dinh Tuyen Sofa is always competitive with other units. Ensuring customers buy the latest PU leather models, the most beautiful and the most sophisticated.

frequently asked Questions
People also ask
Da Pu Is Real Leather?
PU leather is an artificial leather material made of split leather (which is the fiber of the leftover leather from genuine leather) covered with polyurethane (hence the name PU PU), which is then applied to the surface. face of furniture.
Is PU Leather Good?
Genuine leather is very durable and can last 10 to 20 years if properly preserved. In contrast, PU leather can start to crack and wrinkle after only a few years. Real leather is very hard to tear or puncture, and it is also much more breathable than most artificial leather
What is 100% PU leather?
Pu leather is also known as bicast or split skin. Pu leather stands for polyurethane leather because the coating on this skin is made of polyurethane. ... The polyurethane coating is embossed on the vinyl skin to look like aging real leather
What is PU leather made of?
Polyurethane (PU) is a composite material made from one or more PU layers and a woven or non-woven backing such as cast or ground leather. This fabric provides the most genuine imitation leather when it comes to its soft hands.
Is PU Leather Cracked?
It can withstand scratches and scratches will damage real skin. It is not as easily cracked or flaky as the skin. ... Unlike genuine leather, it does not retain moisture, so leatherette items will not warp or crack.
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