What is Reddit? How does it work? What is it for?

What is Reddit? How does it work? What is it for?
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Currently there are many social platforms that exist, and millions of people use them every day, either to meet people, for marketing strategies or simply to see news. The truth is that these platforms are becoming more popular every day among users who visit this web space every day. With the passing of time, platforms are being developed that capture the attention of users, due to their extensive content and versatility.

Well, many will wonder what is Reddit and how does it work? can it be a useful platform for me? In this blog, we invite you to learn what Reddit is and how it can transform everything related to digital marketing.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social platform, which currently has more than 52 million active users worldwide. In Reddit the format is like a social news forum, where the content is selected and disseminated by the users themselves.

It is important to keep in mind that Reddit is perhaps one of the most up-to-date ways to see news, in addition to being able to connect with other people, share a point of view or some particular interests or simply to entertain yourself on the web.

Registering on Reddit is totally free, however, the platform establishes that the basic functions of the website must be used on a mandatory basis.

Reddit gives us an extended feature set known as Reddit Gold, plus it includes access to various communities, but this benefit is only for those members who are signed up.

How does Reddit work?

Certainly, Reddit cannot be established as a forum, nor can it be included in this category despite its similarity, because as we have already mentioned, Reddit is a website where users publish content and links to external websites that may be interesting. .

However, its operation is based on providing users with a discussion room where they can discuss either the links sent and at the same time vote for or against them. Similarly, when a post has a large number of downvotes, the link no longer appears on the Reddit front page. However, readers will be able to access it through a link or also by adjusting their preferences.

This platform allows sections called "subreddits" that are determined for certain topics, such as politics, programming, science or technology, which include questions and talks.

How to use Reddit?

To start using Reddit it is necessary to start registering on the platform, it is a simple process without any complications. Taking into account that Reddit is a platform that pays particular attention to the privacy of its users, the registration process is guided and provides the user with all the necessary explanations about the use they make of their geolocation data.

Once the registration on the platform is completed, the user is provided with some concepts that he must know and handle, among which are:

Karma. Which is based on a voting system, either positive or negative, and each Reddit user has a Karma score, which measures the quality of both their comments and their contributions.

Reddit Gold. This is basically a Premium option, which allows you to disable ads, create different custom avatars and participate in different subreddits. In addition, it allows you to give gold to other users, in order to demonstrate the quality of a publication.

Ask anything. The "AMA" despite not being an original function of the Reddit platform, it is in charge of exploiting its potential. This function tries to answer any question on a particular topic. Famous people who are proposed by the Reddit community participate.

Advantages of using Reddit

There are many advantages that this platform offers us, among which the following stand out:

  • Solve all those doubts you may have. Since a platform that is characterized by being a source of information, for all those questions or hypotheses that the user may have. Although it is true, Reddit users are prepared to clear or clarify and help find the answers.
  • A community to share any topic. It is one of the great advantages of this platform, since it allows you to form communities of users with specific interests. Within this platform you can find different topics to discuss, such as sports, video games, television, news, animals, photography, music or art, among many other topics that can be found there.
  • Its content is highly original. Since it is the same Reddit users who are contributing interesting content. The comments that are generated there are usually discussions of highly informed people on a particular topic, ready to defend their point of view. In the same way, the use of humor is another of the different characteristics that this platform has.


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