What Is the Best Way to Store Clip-in Hair Extensions?

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28 February 2023

What Is the Best Way to Store Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Keeping hair extensions in proper condition is essential to maintaining their quality and making them last longer. By putting your extensions away the right way, you can keep them from getting tangled, matted, or damaged, ruining their look and making them useless. 

Storing your extensions in a dry, cool, and dark place can protect them from moisture, heat, and sunlight, all of which can cause the color to fade and the extensions to become damaged. By taking a little time and care with storing your hair extensions, you can ensure they stay in great shape and give you a beautiful hairstyle that will last.

What Is the Best Way to Store Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Storage Routine Breakdown

  • Ensure all the clips are closed after removing your clip-in hair extensions
  • Using your Loop Hair Extensions, brush each weft. Brush cautiously, beginning at the ends and moving gently to the roots.
  • Put your extensions in a storage case or a box for storage.
  • Keep your extensions in an excellent, dry location away from the sun (like a closet, cabinet, or dresser drawer). While storing your extensions, ensure they are totally dry to prevent mildew growth and other microorganisms.

Choosing Your Storage Method


The New Times Hair Extensions box is made to be kept and used again as a storage container for your extensions. You can also store your extensions in a shoe box or a container that holds air out. Before putting them in the box, we advise ensuring they are dry. Otherwise, bacteria and mold may develop.


After brushing your hair extensions out, put the hair toward the base of the weft in a ponytail and fasten it with a hair tie. Place the hair extensions into the box's main chamber after gently rolling them into a circle. If you want a little wave running through your hair the next time you wear your extensions, you can lightly knot the hair together.

Brushing Before Storing

We advise using a loop hair extension brush to brush your extensions. Because of its special nylon "looped" bristles, which easily slide through the hair and untangle any knots, was created exclusively for use on all hair extensions.

Your wefts won't be pulled, snagged, or damaged, as they might be if you used a standard hairbrush. This will thus increase the longevity of your extensions.

We suggest getting every hair strand together and gently brushing out the extensions, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. If you come across a knot that is especially hard to work with, take out a single weft and gently brush it through. To prevent shedding and breakage, brush your extensions gently at all times.


In conclusion, keeping clip-in hair extensions clean, dry, and in a secure location is the best method to store them. A fabric bag or box with holes is an excellent way to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. 

You can also use a hanger with clips or a hair extension container to keep them neat and knot-free. By following these simple storage instructions, you can ensure that your clip-in hair extensions will last longer and be in great shape for your next use.

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