Why Do We prefer Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Why Do We prefer Clip-in Hair Extensions?
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19 September 2022



Anyone wishing to instantly add length, thickness, and volume to their natural hair without making a wig commitment may consider hair extensions a great alternative. 


Hair extensions, in general, are easy to put on, transform your appearance within minutes, and last up to a year with proper maintenance.


But there are so many hair extensions, which can confuse people who have never worn them.


Fusion hair extensions can take hours to apply and damage the wearer's natural hair. 


Moreover, the wearer doesn't want traction alopecia, which can be brought on by glue, heat tools, or adhesives. 


For these reasons, some wearers favor the convenience and comfort of clip-in hair extensions.


Clip-In Hair Extensions by Definition

Clip-in hair extensions are made of hair wefts of various sizes, attached at the base with silicone or fabric-covered pieces.


After the base gets installed, pressure-sensitive clips are affixed to it for simple attachment to the wearer's own hair. 


There can be multiple hair wefts and clips in a single set of clip-in hair extensions. 


Because they can be applied quickly—less than 15 minutes—and provide the wearer with the freedom to play with their hair without paying a hefty salon fee, clip-in hair extensions are the most popular. Additionally, they are among the best prices available.


Clip-in hair extensions are available in various lengths and hues, as well as synthetic or human hair options.


How to Put on Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Why Do We prefer Clip-in Hair Extensions?

The attached pressure-sensitive clips make applying and blending in clip-in hair extensions simple.


Divide your hair into the bottom and top sections, starting at the back of your head, then clip or ponytail the top section.


Comb your hair, insert a weft into that portion, then secure it with a clip by releasing it, and then secure it in your natural hair and snapping it shut.


As you extend, make sure your scalp is flat on it.


To blend in and keep the weft hidden behind your natural hair, secure the remaining hair extensions in the areas of your head you want the most, such as the side or back.


How Long Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Last? 

Clip-in hair extensions are generally not worn every day. They may not be washed with your natural hair like semi-permanent hair extensions, so they can last a very long time.


They only have a one-year lifespan if adequately worn and maintained.


Therefore, it's essential to properly comb, style, wash, and store your hair extensions. 


Clip-in hair extensions can be worn for a whole day, but it is not advisable to sleep with them because they can harm your hair and scalp overnight.


Why Do We Favor Clip-In Hair Extensions? 

Why Do We prefer Clip-in Hair Extensions?

If you wish, you can wear clip-in hair extensions virtually daily because they are so easy to put on and take off. 


We adore the hassle-free quality of clip-in hair extensions because there are no dangerous heat tools, glue, tape, or chemicals needed to put them on—just simple clips! 


Additionally, when used properly, your natural hair has no pain or damage from clip-in hair extensions. 


Clip-in hair extensions require little upkeep, can last a long time and are inexpensive. 


We adore clip-in hair extensions for the reasons listed above, to name a few.


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